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Shawn Tompkins on Kit Cope: “He Just Made a Lot of Great Fighters Angry”

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Let’s hope this is the last word on the whole Kit Cope/Gina Carano/Xtreme Couture controversy, at least until that sex tape is “stolen” and we all get to see a bored Carano rolling her eyes at the camera while Cope insists on keeping his socks and wristwatch on.  Here Shawn Tompkins makes some excellent points that are fairly obvious but worth repeating, such as: 1) Kit Cope is a nobody, 2) Xtreme Couture fighters regularly kick ass, 3) If the only way you can get your name in the news is to talk about the girl you used to date who is now famous, you’re kind of pathetic.

Nothing we didn’t already know, though you have to like the not-so-veiled threat near the end.  With all the badasses at Xtreme Couture, whether you think they were “made” there or not, it’s maybe not the best idea to bash the gym in public.  Especially if you are a pretty bad MMA fighter, who, according to Sherdog’s Fight Finder, once lost to Tiki Ghosn via TKO (retirement).


Kit Cope Says He Has a Gina Carano Sex Tape, Continues to Be a Total Asshole

As you’ll learn by listening to this clip, Kit Cope is a total prick, and yet somehow, because the universe is not a fair place, he has had sex with Gina Carano and claims to have video evidence of it.  At least, that’s what he said in a recent appearance on an internet radio show.  Fortunately "King" Mo Lawal and our bud Ariel Helwani (we’re still cool, right?) were there to press him on it, whereupon Cope dug himself deeper and deeper.  Cope also indicated that Gina might have fake tits, definitely has a lot of ass, and is going to get that ass beat if she continues training at "Xtreme Fashion."  He also says he’s "smashed a lot finer than that," just in case you were worried that he was becoming too likable.

Basically, Cope managed to piss off a bunch of people who are all more important in the MMA world than he is, and impressively enough he did it all in a matter of minutes.  Thanks to the power of the internet, Shawn Tompkins has already issued a very appropriate response: