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‘GQ’ Releases Four More Fantastic Photos From Gina Carano Shoot

gina carano gq photos mma haywire movie sexy fighter
(Props: GQ. Click all photos for larger versions.)

Following up on the success of The Greatest Gina Carano Photo of All-Time, GQ has released four more photos of Gina in an online gallery accompanying their interview with the Haywire star from the January 2012 issue. We’ve placed the other photos after the jump, along with a bonus photo-shoot video that you’ll also want to see.


Brace Yourselves, It’s Looking Like Gina Carano Isn’t Coming Back to MMA

(Gina making sure her fighting career is dead with the help of an Uzi.)

Well, it’s really seeming less and less likely that Gina Carano will be coming back to compete in MMA.

In spite of the fact that she says she is undecided whether or not her professional future resides in the cage or on the big screen, Carano, who attended Friday’s UFC 141 event in Las Vegas to help promote the upcoming January 20 release of her film, “Haywire,” seems to be talking a lot in the past tense when addressing her fight career.

Gina told’s Ariel Helwani that she spent the past two-and-a-half years making the film and getting to know herself better and flip-flopped between explaining that she pulled out of her June fight with Sarah D’Alelio due to medical and personal reasons, adding that she wished that the media would just stop asking what the issue was.

Check out the video and read the most telling quotes after the jump.


CagePotato Open Discussion: Five Fights We Need to See in 2012

(Can someone say SUPERFIGHT?!!!) 

It’s a new year, Potato Nation, and aside from an endless number of Mayan-themed jokes that will undoubtedly punctuate most of our content, we’ve decided to kick off 2012 with you, our esteemed followers, in mind. And while we had more than our fill of exciting brawls in 2011, things like injury curses, excessive title shots, and sudden desires for film careers left us with hunger pains that could only be satiated by the announcement of another marquee match-up. That, or one of your wife’s famous steak sandwiches.

Call us greedy, call us insensitive, but we’re the type of fans that simply must have our every fantasy fulfilled, and it is with that in mind that we ask you, our fellow fanatics, to join us in a discussion of the five fights we NEED to witness this year, if only to end a few of the never ending arguments that constitute the CP comments sections. Here are our picks…

#5 – Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen
Anderson Silva Chael-Sonnen UFC 117

Why?: Because if we have to hear how lucky Silva got one more time, we are going to round up all of our writers and perform a full reenactment of Death of a (Real Estate) Salesman. Goldstein will play Willy Loman, the elderly and dillusional salesman (Obvs.). CrushCo will play Biff, the former football star who yearns for a life as a farmhand, and Seth will play Happy, the slacking womanizer, leaving none other than myself to play Linda. What can I say, it sucks being the new guy.


‘UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem’ GIF Party: The Finishes + Other Highlights

gina carano dancing gif ufc 141
(Thank you, Internet. You never fail us. Dancing Gina Carano GIF via MMAConvert)

UFC 141‘s best moments, boiled down to 12 animated gifs. Check out the rest after the jump. Special thanks to IronForgesIron, Chas, and Unfilter on the UG.


The 25 Greatest MMA Photos of 2011

(Anderson Silva: Like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and America’s Best Dance Crew, all rolled into one. / Photo courtesy of Check out the full gallery after the jump.)

As we enter the last week of 2011, join us in celebrating the year’s most memorable images — from tense face-offs to action shots, ring girl pin-ups to gnarly post-fight injuries, and other assorted insanity. If we’ve left out any of your favorite MMA photos from the past year, drop us a link in the comments section. Enjoy…


This Gina Carano Photo May Be the Greatest Gina Carano Photo of All Time

Gina Carano GQ Haywire
(Click here for the glorious full-size version. Props: GQ via Fightlinker)

Actress/fighter Gina Carano is featured in the January 2012 issue of GQ, plugging her movie Haywire, and we’re finding it hard to concentrate on anything else today. Granted, we’ve seen some amazing photos of this woman over the years, but this is some next-level shit right here. Okay, Hollywood, you can have her. It’s for the greater good.


Video: Ronda Rousey Talks Marketability, Her Desire to Slap Miesha Tate and Feeling Submissions in Her Lady Parts

(Video courtesy of AOL)

When Gina Carano quietly slipped away from MMA for two years, many thought that Strikeforce was grooming Ronda Rousey to be the next face of women’s MMA.

Last weekend “Rowdy” Rousey spoke with Ariel Helwani about a variety of subjects and the outspoken decorated judoka who faces Julia Budd later this month had a lot to say on what makes women marketable in the sport among other topics.

Check out the quick quotes from the interview after the jump.


Video: Don’t Worry Guys, Gina Wasn’t Pregnant

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMAHEAT)

If any of you were worried (and we know some were since we read the comments here) that the reason your *former* fantasy girlfriend Gina Carano pulled out of her June Strikeforce return bout against Sarah D’Alelio was that she was pregnant, you can put her poster back up above your bed and her pillowcase back on in place of your Empire Strikes Back one.

Gina says she wasn’t with child, that is unless you’re counting Kit Cope and that her mystery illness will remain just that.


Video: Watch Gina Carano Metaphorically Bang *Everyone* in the New Haywire Trailer

(Video courtesy of YouTube/HaywireMovie)

Relativity Media released a second slick new trailer for Gina Carano’s upcoming action flick “Haywire” today, and although it doesn’t really contain any new footage of note other than a not so surprising clip of Antonio Banderas saying he’s never done a woman before, it still makes us want to see the film that much more.

The jury is still out about whether or not we agree with their blatant alteration of Gina’s voice in the movie that makes her sound like a 46-year-old chain-smoking switchboard operator from a taxi company, but we’ll wait and see if it affects the overall quality of the film.


Quote of the Day: Gina Carano Says Fighting an Opponent Feels Just Like Having Sex With Them

(Gina during her Madonna phase. Pic props: BullettMagazine)

Gina Carano did an interview recently with Bullett Magazine in which the former face of women’s MMA who is set to make her big screen debut when “Haywire” is released in January made an interesting analogy comparing her opponents to past lovers.

“When you fight someone, you share the experience with that one person, and you’re never going to have that experience with someone else—even in another fight. I always have this weird connection with them. It really is like we had sex. I’ll always know how many people I fought.”

Does that mean she doesn’t know how many dudes who have rear-naked-choked her or are we reading too much into the quote?