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Jeff Monson Off 6/14 Adrenaline Card

Jeff Monson MMA UFC Adrenaline

Scheduled to face Mike Russow in the main event of Adrenaline MMA‘s debut show in Chicago, Jeff Monson has been forced to pull out of the match due to a not-quite-healed broken hand that he sustained in his Sengoku II bout against Josh Barnett last month. Replacing Monson will be Jason Guida, a Chicago-based fighter (and brother of UFC lightweight Clay Guida) who has built a record of 17-15 in various regional organizations. It’s an odd choice considering Guida has competed mostly as a middleweight, two weight classes under Russow, but according to Adrenaline honcho Monte Cox:

“It made sense for me at this point to go with two Chicago guys fighting each other. And they come from different camps in the same city and I just thought, you know what, this will probably sell me more tickets than anyone I can get on a week’s notice.”

Jeff Monson is still officially on the Godz of War card in Charlotte, even though it takes place just one week later. Saddled with a dodgy hand, the Snowman probably knew that he wouldn’t be able to compete on consecutive weekends, and was forced to make a decision — and it looks like he went with the higher-profile opponent in Ricco Rodriguez.


Mismatch Alert: Bustamante vs. Haynes

Josh Haynes MMA UFC
(That don’t look healthy. Photo courtesy of

On June 21st, the first “Godz of War” event goes down at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC; though the official website still loudly boasts a main event of Jeff Monson vs. Kevin Randleman, it was widely reported last week that Randleman had to drop out due to a shoulder injury, and will be replaced by YAMMA participant Ricco Rodriguez.

Personally, I’m more concerned about the featured bout between former UFC middleweight champion/PRIDE veteran Murilo Bustamante and TUF 3 finalist Josh “Bring the Pain” Haynes. Yes, you read that correctly: the Brazilian Top Team co-founder who whipped Dave Menne and Matt Lindland’s asses before rumbling with some of the best in the world in Japan is going toe-to-toe with the guy who was bounced out of the UFC after losing consecutive fights to Michael Bisping (understandable), Rory Singer (ouch), and Luke Cummo (uh-oh). The best part? Though they list Bustamante’s record accurately as 14-7-1, they inflated Haynes’s record from 9-10 to 17-8. Seriously, go to the site and see for yourself. Unless they’re crediting Haynes one victory for every 15 pounds he successfully lost after being a 300+ pound wideass, I’m gonna have to call bullshit.

Of course, Bustamante is well past his prime so this won’t be a total squash match. But I just wanted to point out that there’s a new MMA promotion called Godz of War, and Josh Haynes is one of their marquee names. Best of luck, gentlemen.