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What’s in Mac Danzig’s Bag?

(Video courtesy of AmoebaMusic)

UFC lightweight Mac Danzig stopped by Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA to pick up a few items recently and while he was there he filmed a segment of their What’s in my Bag? interview series.

It’s no surprise that the fighter, photographer, philosopher and devout vegan has some eclectic taste in music and films.

Every guy is guilty at one time or another of pretending to like something they don’t to impress the girl they’re dating, but Danzig takes the term "taking one for the team" to a whole new level by faking a genuine love of Grace Jones’ "music."

If you are too young to remember Jones, she was an amazonian-like model-turned avant-garde singer and actress whose popularity peaked in the 80s with film roles such as Zula in Conan the Destroyer and Bond Girl May Day in A View to a Kill