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Daniel Straus Had to Cut His Damn Dreads Off to Make 145 Pounds at Yesterday’s Bellator Weigh-Ins

(Well that’s a shame. / Photo via Anthony Mazzuca)

Tonight in Hammond, Indiana, Bellator featherweight champion Daniel Straus will make his first title-defense in a rubber-match against Pat Curran, the guy he won the title from in November. But just making weight for the fight turned into a harrowing test of Straus’s character. Expecting to come in a little over the 145-pound limit, Straus chopped his own dreads off backstage to help shed some ounces. The raggedy aftermath is what you see above.

At weigh-ins, Straus immediately stripped down and got behind a towel — and he was still a half-pound over. Luckily, Straus was able to shed the extra weight with some additional time, and tonight’s title fight will proceed as scheduled. But between Straus’s new hairstyle and the sudden removals of War Machine and Joe Riggs, the Bellator 112 poster has become one of the most outdated and inaccurate posters in MMA history. It’s a crazy world, man. Everything is subject to change.

The official Bellator 112 weigh-in results are after the jump…


CagePotato Photo Tribute: The Ever Changing Hairstyle Of Vitor Belfort

(The “t” is for “testosterone.” / Photo via realvitorbelfort on Instagram)

By Jon Mariani

Ever since he made his Octagon debut as a thick-necked teenager in 1997, Vitor Belfort has tried out more hairstyles than any other fighter in the UFC besides Chris Leben. After seeing Belfort’s brand-new look last night — featuring a cross shaved into the back of his scalp and a braided rat-tail — we figured it was a good time to put together a chronological(-ish) history of the Phenom’s hair. Let’s begin…

(Young, buzzed-down UFC champion Vitor.)

(“It’s a work in progress, bro.”)


Video: Urijah Faber Shaves His Head in Support of Ailing Sister

(Props: UrijahFaber0com)

The California Kid has done the unthinkable. As a show of solidarity for his sister Michaella — who had to lose her own long hair to undergo brain surgery after that awful car accident — Urijah Faber has shaved off his trademark surfer-mop. Will he keep the high-and-tight look for his upcoming coaching gig on TUF 15? And sure, I’ll bid $20 for one of those Urijah Faber hair clumps. My financial advisor tells me it’s a good investment.


Chuck Liddell Wannabe #3


Taken outside of the Nationwide Arena after UFC 82 was over. This dude was actually on crutches, which took some of the edge off his look. Still, the ubiquitous Liddell-hawk wasn’t my favorite hairstyle from the weekend. That honor goes to a gentleman I saw at the airport on Sunday…


Chuck Liddell Wannabe #2


Again, at the Arnold Classic, marveling at the power-lifters and their bloated legs. Nearby, Jose Canseco and Triple H were shilling for something or other. This guy caught my eye for his Liddell-Hawk with just the hint of a prehensile rat-tail.


Chuck Liddell Wannabe #1


Here’s one of the dudes waiting in line to meet Houston Alexander, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Sam Stout at the UFC booth at Saturday’s Arnold Classic, a multi-sport athletic competition and fitness convention held in Columbus every year. On the way to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, my West Indian cab driver told me he’d actually caught a glimpse of Arnold himself that morning, coming out of his hotel: “He looked great. He looks about 250, 280 pounds, and he had no wrinkles. The man is 60 years old. My father is 60. He doesn’t look like that.” I asked him what he thought Arnold’s secret was for staying so youthful. “Steroids and buttocks,” he said. I think he was trying to say “botox,” but he could have just as easily meant “getting tons of ass.”

It would not be the last time I spotted this haircut…


Clay Guida, There Is a Usurper to Thine Hair-Throne


(Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, who has knocked out fourteen men with his razor-sharp dreads in unsanctioned no-holds-barred matches in Cameroon, trains to kick L(R?)yoto Machida’s ass at UFC 79.)