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Friday Link Dump: 100 Haunted Knockouts, Daniel Cormier Gunning for Bones, Celebs Dressed as Wonder Woman + More

(The third annual Halloween episode from our bros at MMAInsidetheCageTV, featuring the 100 greatest knockouts from their last 12 episodes. Skip to the 2:47 mark and enjoy the violence.)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Going to Play Conan the Barbarian Again (FilmDrunk)

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Hot Potato Halloween: 18 Photos of MMA Babes in Costumes

Arianny, you have no soul, we have no soul, can’t we patch things up?

Halloween may be a couple of days away but the weekend is already upon us, so you may very well be donning a costume during your post-fight festivities. In the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d hit you up with a gallery of female fighters, ring-card girls, and personalities in various stages of festive undress.

Before you go dropping corrections and complaints about some of these not technically being “Halloween” costumes, might we advise you to keep it to yourself? The sport may be evolving, but evolution doesn’t happen overnight, so just enjoy the pictures for what they are and don’t make yourself an easy target in the comments section.


Wednesday Morning Link Club: The Dark Passenger

Miesha Tate Bryan Caraway Dexter Halloween MMA costumes
(Bryan Caraway and Miesha Tate as Dexter and some chick who’s about to get murdered. For more MMA fighter Halloween costume photos, hit up FiveOuncesofPain.)

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– Scott Coker: Melendez vs. Aoki 2 in Works for New Years Eve in Japan (LowKick)

– The Top Ten Audience Reactions in MMA, Vol. 2 (MiddleEasy)

– Mike Brown Campaigning for WEC 53 Fight (Versus MMA Beat)

– The Method to Our Madness: FIGHT! Rankings Explained (FightMagazine)

– Keith Jardine’s Next Fight Postponed by Tropical Storm Tomas (MMA Fighting)


CagePotato Halloween Costume Contest: The Winners!

Fedor Emelianenko jack-o-lantern halloween

After nearly 1,000 of you cared enough to cast votes in our Halloween Costume Contest, we are thrilled to announce our winners. Thanks to everyone who entered; no thanks to everyone who didn’t enter, but still felt the need to crap all over the finalists. Now then…

1st place: Cody V., who blew away the competition with 31% of the vote, thanks to his Fedor-o-Lantern (shown above). Cody gets a $100 gift card from MMA Warehouse for his brilliant efforts.

2nd place: Zach L., who took in 20% of the vote with his beefed-up Brock Lesnar costume. Zach earns a $50 gift card from MMA Warehouse, and may even get on top of his wife tonight.

3rd place: Jeremy H., who also took in 20% of the vote for dressing up as UFC Hall-of-Famer Billy Mays; he gets a $25 card from MMA Warehouse. The official count taken this morning had Zach at 195 votes and Jeremy at 193 votes. Thank God Jeremy didn’t go as Al Franken, or else we’d be re-counting votes for the next six months.

If your name has been called, please e-mail with your address, and we’ll get your prize out to you ASAP. Mega-props to for making this all possible!


CagePotato Halloween Costume Contest: The Finalists

Arianny Celeste Halloween
(Might as well face it, she’s addicted to blood. Photo courtesy of

Now that our post-Halloween hangovers have almost completely subsided, it’s time to present the finalists for our MMA costume contest. Take a look at the best submissions after the jump, and please select your favorite costume via the poll on the right. Remember: $175 in MMA Warehouse gift cards are on the line, so vote thoughtfully.


CagePotato Halloween Costume Contest Extended Through the Weekend; Win Gear From MMA Warehouse!

Michael Jackson
(Failing: You succeed at it.)

Great news, you guys. Our favorite online MMA gear and apparel retailer MMA Warehouse has hooked us up with some gift cards to give to the winners of our Halloween Costume Contest. First place will score a $100 gift card, second place gets a $50 card, and third place is good for a $25 card. Because we’re just springing this on you now, we’re going to start the finalist voting on Monday — not today as originally announced. Anyway, this should give you a couple more days to come up with something amazing, though we should tell you we’ve already gotten a lot of Kimbos and almost as many Brocks. Not to discourage you from sending us a picture of yourself dressed up as either of those two gentlemen, but at this point you’ll really have to bring the workmanship and attention to detail if you want to stand out. Good luck, and send those photos of yourselves to by Sunday night at midnight ET.

And one last thing: We’d really like to stress that these costumes should be MMA-related in some way. That should go without saying since this is an MMA website, and since we’ve already said it twice. But it’s hard for some people to get the message. The photo above, for example, was sent to us from a dude named Margret, who really wanted us to see his Michael Jackson costume for some reason. It’s breathtaking, Margret, but shouldn’t your head be on fire?

Thanks again to MMA Warehouse! Go there now and spend lots of money!


Friendly Reminders: MMA Halloween Costume Contest Needs Your Entries, UFC 104 Liveblog Tomorrow Night

Kimbo Slice tomato can
(Clever, Kimbo…)

The MMA Halloween Costume Contest that we announced last week is slowly picking up entries, but we want more, More, MOAR. You have until next Thursday to throw together a makeshift MMA-themed costume and e-mail a photo of yourself to The winner will receive an extra-special prize, though we haven’t quite decided what it’ll be yet. Good luck trying to come up with a costume idea that’s as amazing as this.

Also: If you weren’t one of the 3,300 people who got free UFC 104 tickets from Dana White, be sure to swing by tomorrow night for our thrilling liveblog of the show. The Spike TV preliminary card broadcast begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT, and the pay-per-view broadcast starts an hour later.


Announcing the CagePotato MMA Halloween Costume Contest!

Seth Petruzelli Kimbo Slice costumeMauricio Rua Wanderlei Silva Fred Flintstone gladiatorArianny Celeste sexy school girl UFCtapout crew costumes halloween mma
(Just to get you in the holiday spirit: Forrest Griffin as Supergirl, Seth Petruzelli as Kimbo Slice, Mauricio Rua as Fred Flintstone with Wanderlei Silva as a drunken gladiator, Arianny Celeste as a sexy schoolgirl, and three fat guys as the TapouT crew.)

Check this out, Potato Nation. Halloween is just two weeks from now, which means you’re probably scrambling to come up with a clever costume. But we all know that the streets are going to be jam-packed with Zombie Obamas and Pedobears. So we’re looking for your best MMA-themed Halloween costumes. They could be faithful renditions of well-known fighters, or references to more obscure moments in the sport. The only requirements are that they’re related to MMA in some way, and that they make us LOMFAO.

Come up with a unique concept, cobble it together using whatever you can steal from Party City*, and e-mail a photo of yourself to The winner will get a super-awesome prize package, the contents of which cannot be revealed at this time because we’re not sure what it’ll be yet. But trust us, it’ll be absolutely spooktacular. Here’s the thing, though: You must submit your entries by Thursday, 10/29, so that we can post the finalists on Friday. In other words, you won’t actually have to go out in public wearing your costume if you don’t want to, which is great news if you’re planning to dress up as Brock Lesnar’s Tattoo. Holler in the comments section if you have any questions, and good luck!

* Shoplifting is in no way endorsed by or Break Media, but we all know times are tough, and we don’t expect anybody to drop a lot of cash on this contest when the return on investment could turn out to be an autographed 8×10 of Tim Sylvia.


F*ck You, Yahoo! Answers

MMA Halloween costume

Buy merchandise off the WWE website? That’s your best answer? Jesus Christ, Yahoo! Answers, where’s your quality control? (Not that I have a better suggestion. Personally, I would just duct-tape one of these to my body.) It seems that we have a long way to go in spreading awareness about our sport, and these uninformed jokers aren’t helping. I mean, check out these other "Best Answers"…