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Apparently It’s a Bad Idea to Wear an MMA Shirt in Guam

(They take their TUF teams VERY seriously in Guam)

Besides the fact that except for a few, the majority of mixed martial arts clothing brands are god awful and ooze douchebaggery, add one more reason to not wear your MMA gear on vacation: You might get stabbed.

According to a story on, some dude nearly got stabbed in a restaurant in the U.S. colony for wearing an MMA team shirt that his attacker didn’t like.

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Phil Baroni = The Truth

(Still the best eva. Props: Genghis Con)

From a recent interview with the New York Bad Ass:

NS: If you could fight any celebrity, past or present, who would it be and why?
PB: I don’t fucking know, I don’t give a shit.
NS: Besides pork fried rice, what else do you like to eat?
PB: Pussy.
NS: Are you still training with Hammer House? If so, are you going to corner Mark Coleman again in UFC 100?
PB: If he asks me to corner him, I will. He always corners me when I ask him to. We never train together, none of us Hammer House guys. The Hammer House is Coleman’s porch. It has a punching bag on it. I’ve never been to Coleman’s house. I think Randleman stole his punching bag by the way. So there isn’t much of a reason for me to go.
NS: Are you a nerd at heart, like play video games or read comics?
PB: Fuck no. I hate that shit with a passion. I think it’s gay as fuck and a waste of time.
NS: Do you have any advice for the nerds on how to get girls?
PB: Do steroids, lift heavy weights, get contacts, go tanning. And stop playing all those gay fucking video games. You can’t get pussy in front of a TV playing games with your geeky friends. Go out to night clubs and bars, hit the beach. If you got money, floss. Whatever you do, don’t be yourself.

Hear that, nerds? Be more like this guy. You can read the rest of this illuminating interview here. Baroni takes on Joe Riggs at Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields on June 6th.


Wandy + Baroni Hug and Make Up


Though he wasn’t the one who did the actual stomping of Wanderlei Silva’s head during the infamous PRIDE 31 Chute Boxe/Hammer House riot, Phil Baroni did jump into the ring to defend Mark Coleman against the attacking Brazilians, and Wanderlei seemed to feel that the New York Bad Ass was equally to blame for his rough treatment. The must-see video below shows Mark Coleman’s attempt at an apology after that show, which was not well received.

Fortunately, Silva seems to have buried with hatchet with Baroni, as the two are now training partners at Xtreme Couture. According to Xtreme Couture’s official blog, Silva is focusing on improving his wrestling and dealing with the limitations of the cage in preparation for his next fight:

Despite physically training here for the Chuck fight, Wanderlei didn’t train with our team outside of sparring with Shawn Tompkins. Instead he worked with his personal trainers. Wanderlei tells us that when he went to rope a dope Chuck in the first round of their fight he realized he couldn’t bounce of the cage and counter Chuck the way he could coming off the ropes in the PRIDE ring.

Training partner Phil Baroni says Wanderlei is already picking up some of Randy’s tricks after the first session. “He feels strong. He’s open minded and willing to learn. He picks things up fast.” The New York Bad Ass adds, “Once he learns to use the cage and incorporate wrestling into his game he’ll be really tough to beat in the UFC. It’s an honor to train with Wanderlei. He’s a guy I’ve always tried to emulate and I look up to him.”

Is there anything more humiliating than being Wanderlei Silva and having Phil Baroni pat you on the head and say “You’re doing such a good job! You’re picking this up so fast!” Poor bastard.

Also, there’s this bombshell:

Randy says that he and Wanderlei will continue working up until Wand’s next fight. We’re not sure if we’re allowed to say who he is fighting next. But we’re told it will happen in May and it is someone who has fought Chuck. He and the rest of the UFC’s 205lb division had best be on notice…Wanderlei tells us he’d like to rack up a couple of wins and rematch Chuck on New Year’s.

Specifically, Keith Jardine had best be on notice.