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The Procrastinating Fight Fan’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

(“One minute, mom. I’m just getting your gift out of my closet.”)

If you’re like us, you likely haven’t started Christmas, Festivus, Hannukah or Kwanza shopping yet since it isn’t December 24.

There’s nothing worse than that embarrassed feeling you get when a friend or family member shows up at your house unannounced, bearing gifts, and you wrap up one of your half-full bottles of hand lotion or an old alarm clock in newspaper and hope they don’t notice that you forgot to buy them something.

We’ve done you a solid this year, Potato Nation has compiledĀ a list of awesome last-minute gifts you can pick up and have on hand in case someone actually buys you something worth more than a slightly stained coffee mug with your initials on it. The beauty of these presents is that they’re actually items that you can keep for yourself if nobody pays you a holiday visit.

Check them out after the jump.