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Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos Asks to Be Released from the UFC, Fight with Rousey Officially Not Happening

Props: HDNetFights

The hope of a Ronda Rousey vs. Cristiane “Cris Cyborg” Santos superfight in the UFC may have just gone up in smoke, for good this time. According to Cyborg’s manager — a bespectacled fellow by the name of Tito The BrainOrtiz — the formerly-feared Brazilian striker has officially refused to drop to 135 pounds to compete in the Octagon, and she’ll now be seeking opportunities elsewhere. Here’s what Ortiz had to say last night on Inside MMA:

Right now, we’re actually waiting for [the] UFC to release [Cyborg]. We asked for them to release her, so Dana White actually talked to me yesterday. They gave an offer, I went to Cyborg and she said she didn’t want to do it—and we just asked for her release.

Since [the UFC] isn’t doing a 145-pound weight class, what else can they do? Now, she’s going to be released. Maybe we’ll go look somewhere else and you can see Cyborg crush another woman’s face in.

As Ortiz tells it, Cyborg was willing to drop to 140 to meet Rousey at a catchweight — though not until her fourth fight in the UFC for some reason — but cutting an additional five pounds would be physically impossible for Cyborg, and the UFC didn’t want to budge on the point. (Women carry less water-weight, and can’t cut as much weight as men, Dr. Ortiz explained.) Now, the only female MMA superfight available isn’t happening, which is also a serious blow for the future of women’s MMA in the UFC. How long will fans care about a division that only features one star?


Afternoon Video Block: Irvin, Griffin, + Fickett vs. Lapsley

Following up on yesterday’s interview excerpt where he discussed Anderson Silva’s problematic tools, James Irvin tells that he’s going to beat Silva in the clinch (!!!!!1!!). Shock the world, Sandman. (Props: MMA Mania)

Remember when Bruce Buffer was announcing the result of the Rampage/Forrest fight, and he was like “the winner, aaaaaand…” — like he was going to say “still champion” — and everyone, including Forrest Griffin, was like “OMFG Rampage won!”? In this clip, Griffin confronts Buffer about it, who admits to using the strange syntax intentionally to amp up the drama of the moment. And man is he pleased with himself.


Video: Jason Miller vs. Tim Kennedy

(Courtesy of HDNet Fights.)

If you happen to do your social networking on Facebook, heads up: HDNet Fights’ Facebook page now features a “Fight of the Week,” presented in a high-quality, wide-screen format. The latest joint (above) is a three-round gem from last year’s “Reckless Abandon” event — the rematch between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Tim Kennedy, which contained the classic Kenny Rice line “It would look like Rob Zombie has stepped in and started directing this fight.” To keep on top of the latest HDNet Fights news and to see more fights of the week, swing by their Facebook page and become a fan.


Videos: Forrest Griffin Interview, UFC 85 Promo + More

Our friend and content partner Ariel Helwani at MMARated just put up a great interview with Forrest Griffin, where the Ultimate Fighter coach and light heavyweight contender reveals that he’s been eating a lot of french toast lately, popping tons of valium, he really doesn’t care about TUF, and he digs Nick Cave, but not enough to actually pay for his music.

The official UFC 85: Bedlam trailer clip, featuring Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves, Michael Bisping, Jason Day, Brandon Vera, Fabricio Werdum, Nate Marquardt, Thales Leites, Marcus Davis, and Mike Swick.

HDNet Fights’ 86-minute “Best of 2008″ video; props to MMAScraps.

And also? You’re going to want to click that “More” link…


HDNet Fights Event To Feature Kim Couture

(Kim Couture has a long way to go before she’s in Gina’s league.)

HDNet Fights has announced in a press release that they will air an event featuring The Natural’s third wife, Kim Couture, on February 29th, exclusively on HDNet. “HDNet Fights Presents: The Debut of Kim Couture” was the title we were handed down. Here’s the lead-in to the announcement:

DALLAS (February 11, 2007) – Andrew Simon, CEO of HDNet Fights, announced today that HDNet will feature exclusive coverage of Kim Couture’s debut fight. Kim is the wife of MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture. Her debut will occur in a Boxing/Muay Thai Smoker, a mixed martial arts event, to be held at the Xtreme Couture Gym in Las Vegas, NV.

Talk about home field advantage. Might as well have held it in the Couture’s bedroom. Hmm, that just gave me an idea for my next reality show pitch. Anyway, the event will air after HDNet’s coverage of the network’s LIVE IFL show. There are to be eight fights, each consisting of three two-minute rounds. The event was originally announced as a February 23rd event against an unnamed opponent. The date has changed, but the name of the opponent is still a mystery.


“The Real Deal” (Not Holyfield)

MMA Junkie reports that recent HDNet Fights participant Pete Spratt has signed to fight at MFC 15: Rags to Riches.  You’ll recall that Spratt was a cast member on “TUF 4″ before going to work for Mark Cuban and kicking the shit out of Tristan Yunker back on December 15th.  Spratt is 17-10 and will face Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford, who is undefeated in four professional bouts.  The Maximum Fighting Championship has announced the fight will be the evening’s main event.
According to the MFC’s official site, the event will be on February 22 at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton.  That little Canadian town is getting in on the MMA action lately.  The welterweight fight could see Spratt stay on track now that he’s uprighted himself after three losses in a row to open 2007. But Ford is turning heads with the way he has dispatched his opponents so far and he’s only been at this for six months.  If he turns in another impressive fight, look for him to start fielding fat contract offers elsewhere.

Fight of the Day: Kazuo Misaki vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Fedor vs. Hong is what got us to wake up at 6 a.m. on our day off — but the real highlight of “Yarennoka!”/”Fedor Returns” was easily the 8-minute battle between 187-pounders Kazuo Misaki (black trunks) and Yoshihiro Akiyama (red trunks). Misaki’s wild jumping-bean dance can’t save him from being floored by a punch from Akiyama, who nearly pounds him out on the ground, but Misaki rallies back toward a spectacular finish. Still, there was more behind this fight than the action. Yeo Jong-Hoon gives some historical and political context to the matchup in this article on FightOpinion, and clarifies that what we thought was Misaki paying tribute to Akiyama after the fight was actually him chastising the Korean-born fighter in front of a packed arena. Harsh! A must-read article and a must-see video.


‘HDNet Fights: Fedor Returns’ — AWESOMA LIVEBLOG POWER!!!


It’s early as hell, so you bloodsuckers better appreciate this. If you’re awake too, reload the page every couple minutes and check out our commentary on this sad freak show historic event after the jump. If not, do me a favor and read this when you do wake up. I need to feel like my life has a purpose.


F.o.t.D.#2: Jason Miller vs. Tim Kennedy

After surviving a few scary moments in the first round where Tim Kennedy was close to sinking in a rear-naked choke, Jason “Mayhem” Miller dominated the main event match at HDNet’s “Reckless Abandon,” nailing his opponent with punches and forearms that opened cuts on Kennedy’s face and kept the momentum in Mayhem’s favor. All three judges scored the bout 29-28. With the win, Miller avenges his February 2003 loss to Kennedy, and retains the confidence necessary to attempt ridiculous ring entrances like this.


F.o.t.D.#1: Frank Trigg vs. Edwin Dewees

Edwin “Babyface” Dewees looked sharp at the start of HDNet Fights’ co-headlining match on Saturday, throwing some hard kicks and forcing a takedown when Frank Trigg tried to throw a kick of his own. Unfortunately, the ground-fighting was quickly dominated by Twinkle Toes, who snapped onto Dewees’s unprotected left arm and cranked out a particularly painful-looking kimura, giving poor Babyface his third-consecutive loss.

Big ups to HDNet (and Mark Cuban’s enormous wallet) for landing Michael “The Better” Buffer to announce the event, and making the UFC look like a bunch of suckers for continuing to use the Fredo Corleone-esque Bruce.