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CBS Foots the Bill, Cashes the Checks

(‘CBS, man, let me hold twenty bucks.’)

We all knew that CBS was getting more and more involved with EliteXC’s possibly illegal operations, but according to a recent SEC filing (dug up by the intrepid lads at MMA Payout) they are now officially bankrolling entire events. At least, that’s what they did with the Oct. 4 show after EliteXC told them they were “unable to deliver” the event under the current terms of the agreement:

Accordingly, the Company and CBS agreed to amend the Agreement whereby CBS would assume all expenses for the event and receive all revenue from the event. CBS advanced the estimated event costs according to an agreed upon budget in order for the Company to pay expenses related to the event. Additionally, the Company and CBS waived mutual exclusivity under the Agreement for the Sunrise Event.

So not only is CBS paying the cost to put on EliteXC events, they’re also taking all the revenue and dropping it straight into their coffers. Now, I’m no financial expert, but isn’t this basically the same as the relationship between a pimp and a prostitute? CBS funds the operation. EliteXC puts on the show. Then EliteXC has to give all the money to daddy. In return, maybe CBS buys EliteXC something shiny and pretty at the mall on Sunday.

I know that relationship is as old as civilization itself, but it doesn’t sound like such a good deal if you’re EliteXC.


‘Heat’ Ratings Save EliteXC From Chopping Block

Roy Nelson Andrei Arlovski MMA EliteXC
(Andrei and Roy fight for recognition in this hot-chick-and-Internet-brawler-dominated world of MMA. Photo courtesy of AOL Sports.)

EliteXC pulled its CBS ratings back up to the levels of its first “Saturday Night Fights” broadcast with this weekend’s “Heat” show, which drew 4.30 million average viewers through 11 p.m. (not counting the main event, which ran over the scheduled time); May’s “Primetime” card took in a nearly identical 4.31 million average viewers in the same timeframe. “Heat” made CBS the #1 network among male viewers in the 18-34 and 18-49 age brackets, and in the adults (men and women) 18-34 category. It tied with ABC’s college football broadcast among adults 18-49, and was soundly beaten in overall rating by America’s Most Wanted.

Even though the numbers display no growth from the May show, they’re much higher than the Kimbo-and-Gina-less bomb of “Unfinished Business,” and CBS is (at least publicly) happy with the ratings. As CBS Senior Executive VP for Primetime Kelly Kahl told AOL Sports’s Michael David Smith:

“We have a four-fight contract. We certainly plan on coming back with fight No. 4. The numbers last night were terrific. The total viewer number was on par with May 31 and the demos were down just a little bit, but we were up against a couple good college football games and the baseball playoffs…Last night was a step ahead, not a step back. To do roughly the numbers we did in May against much steeper competition bodes pretty well.”

Discussing the idea that Kimbo’s loss would mean the end for EliteXC on CBS, Kahl said:

“That is 100 percent misinformed, written by a lot of people who have very little inside knowledge into what’s going on even though they might think they do.”

Question: Will people still tune in to see Kimbo Slice fight now that he’s been exposed as merely human, or will Saturday Night Fights have to become The Gina Carano Show? It seems EliteXC will need a Tito Ortiz-caliber signing to ensure that their next CBS card doesn’t follow in the disappointing footsteps of “Unfinished Business.”


Barnett Says He Didn’t Turn Down CBS Fight; Affliction and Elite XC Now Blood Brothers

Despite rumors to the contrary, Josh Barnett says he did not turn down a fight with Andrei Arlovski at ‘Elite XC: Heat’ on Oct. 4. Though talk centered on the possibility that Barnett bristled at the idea of taking a pay cut to help Affliction get their co-promotion on with Elite XC on CBS, “The Baby-Faced Assassin” declared in a MySpace blog post that he was not asked to take any such pay cut and did not turn down the fight:

I read somewhere that I had declined the fight because I would have had to take a pay cut. I suppose others may also formulate some story about me declining the fight for other reasons.

I never decelned to take this fight. I was never told that I would have any part of my pay reduced since working with Affliction. To my knowledge, no one has been asked to take a pay cut that fights for Affliction.

I did not turn down this fight.


Whether Barnett knows it or not, some Affliction fighters were asked to take pay cuts for the second show. Barnett already committed to fight at Sengoku 6 in November after news of the Affliction postponement, so he may never have been a realistic option for Elite XC. Now Roy Nelson gets Arlovski, and Barnett gets to go back to Japan and entertain all the loyal Josh-a-maniacs there.

In other Affliction/Elite XC news, Affliction COO Michael Cohen indicated that there will be an ongoing arrangement between the two organizations. Affliction’s postponed second event, now apparently scheduled for Jan. 24 (or maybe there’s no set date yet, depending on who you ask), will also be a co-promotional effort between Affliction and Elite XC, and will either air on CBS or Showtime:


‘Kenbo’ Bringin’ the ‘Heat’

(Props: BloodyElbow)

So here’s a clip of Frank Shamrock giving some predictions for EliteXC’s October 4th event. What caught my attention was the fact that EliteXC has quietly announced a title for the show, which they’ve included in the video. It’s called “Heat,” and even though it’s just three weeks away, this is the first time I’ve seen it. Pretty lazy, if you ask me. I’m sure we could come up with some more fitting titles. I’ll start…

“The Old Can and the G
“Miami Pound Machine”
“$kala’s Last Stand”
“Maybe That Chick From American Gladiators Will Show Her Tits, You Never Know”

Any other suggestions?