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Hump Day Gallery: 20 GIFs of Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Being Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson

(“Ladies, hide yo boats unless you want ‘em motored. And men, protect you nuts at all times. You been warned.”)

With UFC 135 night rapidly approaching and it being Hump Day and all, we figured why not throw up a gallery of GIFs of one half of Saturday night’s main event,¬†Quinton “Rampage” Jackson,¬†humping reporters and smacking people in the face?

For those of you whose browsers lock up when the word “GIF” even appears on your SVGA screen, don’t worry. Your Pentium II should be fine since we put the animations on separate pages.

You’re welcome.

Check out 20 GIFs of that crazy chain-wearin, motor-boatin’, stank breff hatin’ sonofabitch clownin’ around after the jump.


‘MMAshed Potato’ Host Auditions, Round 2: All-Girl Edition

Joanne Spracklen MMA Girls
(Joanne Spracklen isn’t the only familiar face you’ll be seeing today…)

I think we can all agree that the first round of auditions for our “MMAshed Potato” video series was, in general, an utter disaster. (No offense to Scott Epstein, who took the popular vote in a landslide.) Taking the advice of Potato Nation members like Fried Taco, Morningwood, and Stak40, we decided to do another round of auditions that featured good-lookin’ women who just read a short script we wrote for them, pretty much word-for-word. We also included a pronunciation key, to cut down on name-butchering. Check out the videos after the jump, and please use the poll in the sidebar to tell us how you feel. Thanks, guys.


Rampage vs. Heather: The Full Interview Interviews Quinton Rampage Jackson – Watch more Funny Videos

When we sent our friend Heather Nichols to interview Quinton Jackson on the set of an upcoming Super Dave Osbourne special, we had no idea it would open up such a massive can of worms. What you’ll see above is the interview that everyone expected — ‘Page talks about his rivalry with Rashad Evans, what he’s doing differently during his second stint as a TUF coach, and Michael Bisping‘s chances against Dan Henderson, all in a very reserved and polite sort of way. And then this happened. Crazy. Props to Heather for keeping her cool; you can show her some love at,, and Bonus pics of the Internet’s most famous dry-hump victim are below.

Heather Nichols actressHeather Nichols actressHeather Nichols actressHeather Nichols actress