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Awesome Video of the Day: Watch Roy Nelson Get the Everloving Sh*t Beat Out of Him For Nearly 7 Minutes

(Props to Youtube user Brutha Muzone via Fightlinker for the find.)

We all know the story of Roy Nelson’s unbreakable chin. Forged by Biggoron high in the alcoves of Death Mountain and crafted with only the finest of bomb flowers, the Petra mandibulo is capable of withstanding a Mark 3 blast and doubles as a cardboard baler on weekends. Fact: After selecting one of his bastard offspring for sacrifice each night, Jay Leno prays to Roy Nelson for strength before tucking himself into bed. The dude’s got a solid jaw, is what we’re saying.

As we are also aware, “Big Country” set a career record for strikes absorbed in the UFC (clocking in at a ridiculously ridiculous 437) without being knocked out during his three round drubbing at the hands of Stipe Miocic last month. While it’s a damn respectable honor to hold in one regard, it’s also a sign that maybe, just maybe, he should consider turning down that 4th helping of DiaBeef Jerky every now and again.

But if Nelson is able to successfully negotiate a new contract, it looks like he will be the next man to face off with former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 166 in October. If that ends up being the case, we’ll surely be in for a lot more of what’s depicted above. Mainly, Roy Nelson eating shots like they are pork rinds dipped in Sriracha. The above video, entitled “Clubbed to Death,” highlights Nelson’s positively Bruce Willian chin in his performances against Miocic, Junior Dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum and is truly something to behold. For the sake of fairness, his handful of overhand deathball KO’s are sprinkled in as well, so enjoy.

-J. Jones


Video: The UFC 141 Promo to End All UFC 141 Promos

If you don’t know who NickTheFace is by now, then allow us to introduce you to the man behind so many amazing fight promos and trailers that he deserves to be ranked among the likes of Ghengis Con. His video preview of the upcoming heavyweight number one contender clash between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 is no different, offering some of the slickest editing this side of The French Connection that we’ve ever seen. We got goosebumps too Joe, we got goosebumps too.

UFC 141 goes down December 30th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

You know the deal, who you got for this one and how?



This New Machinemen Highlight Will Make You Remember Why You’re a Fan of MMA

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TheWarHedo33)

Typically the best MMA highlights are perfect combinations of clips and music that, when combined, elicit a common response from fans.

Although the music selection was interesting to say the least, this video by Machinemen effectively runs the gamut of emotion from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat and everything in between and brings you along for the ride. Although not as technically dazzling as some of MM’s other work, “Marchin’ On” is just as effective at eliciting a response.

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, check out some of Machinemen’s other masterpieces, including his timely Fedor career retrospective short, after the jump.


Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Us About This Anderson Silva Video?

We considered saying unkind words about Silva’s personality, but we’re convinced he’s a ninja terminator unit.

Okay, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way: this Anderson Silva highlight vid/mini biopic/letter to the haters is incredibly well-done, and seven months old. We checked out the maker’s YouTube channel, to discover that, at least according to his profile, dude hasn’t logged on to his account since October. Apparently, when you make a video that is this full of badassery, that matches up this well with turn of the millennium Nas, you smash your graphics tablet and drop kick your computer out the window.

At any rate, we here at Potato HQ have poured out our fair share of HaterAde for the Spider, so this goes all to all the fans with Silva at #1 overall. If artnomad ever comes out of retirement, we’ll let you know.


Random Thursday Afternoon Video Interlude

(Video courtesy YouTube/ddevilMMA)

Thursdays are like the red-headed stepchild of the work week.

Mondays are a write-off. Everyone says they hate them, yet most of us can’t wait to get to work on Monday to tell everyone what we did or to talk about the fights that happened on the weekend. I guess you can say they’re like Josh Koscheck.

Tuesdays are kind of like Matt Wiman. We can take them or leave them, they put in decent performances, but nobody really looks forward to them.

Wednesday is "Hump Day" — you know, middle of the road not quite Monday, not quite Saturday, but a hell of a lot of fun — kind of like Joe Stevenson.

Fridays are gimmes. Who ever really works hard on "the third day of the weekend"? They’re like Fedor. You know they’re going to be full of win, but you don’t ever really think about it because nothing ever changes.

But what does Thursday have going for it?  Not much.

So in honor of the Jason Thacker of the work week, here is something to help you make it through to Fedor-day.

More vids after the jump.


Videos: UFC 100′s Minimalist Promo, Hong Man Choi “Highlights”

(Props: The Garv)

The official UFC 100 promo video doesn’t need any heavy-handed voiceover to make its case as one of the best MMA events in recent memory.  It just runs down some perfunctory highlight clips to remind you of who all’s fighting, and then it steps back to let your imagination run wild.  Now all you need is a ton of money and no objection to dropping an obscene amount of cash on one sporting event, and you can experience it live.  You can also help whip your section of the arena into a chant that voices the will of the people.  If that kind of thing interests you.

After the jump, a highlight video that is pretty much the exact opposite of this promo.


K-1′s Greatest Hits, Featuring the Incomparable Mark Hunt

MMA Scraps has a great video compilation of the top ten K-1 fights (in their humble opinion) that I highly recommend you check out, especially if you’re the type of MMA fan who never watched much K-1. The above example, which topped the list, ought to be reason enough to check it out.

And if, like me, you watched the Mark Hunt-Ray Sefo fight and it only made you hungry for more Mark Hunt action, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered after the jump, complete with some of his MMA exploits. It’s worth the extra click just to see the look on Cro Cop’s face when Hunt takes his best head kick and keeps on coming.


Matt Hughes Grapples With Injuries and Legal Woes

(You boys need a ride?)

Busy week for Matt Hughes. On his website the former welterweight champ revealed that he has a totally torn MCL and a partially torn PCL. He says he’s holding off on surgery in the hopes that the tears will repair themselves.

In other Hughes news, he settled out of court with one Jed Leist who alleged that Hughes had battered and assaulted him, among other things. Sherdog has the scoop:

The suit contended Hughes and/or other unnamed defendants “grabbed and placed” Leist in a hold “as to cause injury and damage.” Hughes’ actions were “unwanted, not consented or authorized,” by the plaintiff and inflicted “over his protests,” stated the documents.

Prior to the dismissal, Leist was seeking damages in excess of $10,000 per each charge plus attorney’s fees and additional expenses due to “severe humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress.”

The suit also claimed Leist was both partially and permanently disabled from the alleged assault.

That’s weird. Assaulting people in public for no reason doesn’t sound like something Hughes would do. Oh, wait. There’s this extra little nugget of information: