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BREAKING: Albuquerque PD Issue Felony Warrant for Jon Jones’ Arrest

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Holy crap, you guys. The Jon Jones hit-and-run saga has just taken a turn from bad to much, much worse.

Jones, who is (or should we say, was) scheduled to defend his title against Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 in May, was involved in a three car accident in Albuquerque on Saturday morning before fleeing the scene. Marijuana, paraphernalia, and “paperwork belonging to a Jonathan Jones, which had MMA information on it from the state of Nevada” were all found in his rental car, and witnesses on the scene (including an off-duty cop) identified the light heavyweight champion as the man fleeing the scene.

The only person listed as injured in the accident was a 25-year-old pregnant woman who was taken to the hospital for what were at first considered minor injuries after she told police that she “was going to pass out.” Recently, however, it was revealed that the woman’s injuries were a bit more serious than originally reported, and as a result, Albuquerque police are now seeking to bring Jones in on felony charges.

Details after the jump.


Jon Jones Being Sought By Albuquerque Police for Role In Alleged Hit and Run [UPDATED]

(Have you learned nothing from this hilarious photoshop, Jon?!!)

To loosely quote Dave Chappelle, “Man, Jon Jones is f*ckin up.”

Rumors started circulating last night that the light heavyweight champion had been involved in yet another automobile mishap — this time, a hit and run accident in which a 20 year-old pregnant woman was hospitalized — in his resident Albuquerque. After initially denying that Jones was the man being sought after for the hit-and-run, Albuquerque police later released a statement that reads:

“The Albuquerque Police Department is actively seeking UFC Fighter Jon Jones for questioning in regards to his possible involvement in a hit-and-run accident, near the intersection of Juan Tabo and Southern, in Southeast Albuquerque early this morning, April 26, 2015.”

While Jones has apparently not been seen or heard from since the time of the alleged incident, the UFC has since released a statement in response, which you can check out after the jump.


UFC Lightweight Josh Neer Arrested After Hit-and-Run

(Nice stoppage, ref. Where were you when Josh was pouring himself his 14th rum-and-coke?)

Some people really know how to ring in the new year. Other people, like Josh Neer for example, completely suck at it. "The Dentist" — who most recently dropped a split decision to Nate Diaz at UFC Fight Night 15 in September — got involved in a Quinton Jackson-esque vehicular tantrum last night in Des Moines, Iowa, which ended with him being arrested and taken to jail. Here’s MMA Weekly’s version of the incident

Neer apparently hit a car from behind at a red stoplight. That car then rear-ended a police car that was stopped for the light. Reportedly driving a black Audi Quattro, Neer then allegedly pulled out, crossing oncoming traffic and leading police on a chase.
The report goes on to say that police attempted to stop the Audi by hitting the back quarter panel of the car with a squad car. The Audi spun around, but [Neer] regained control. The chase eventually wound up on Interstate 80, reportedly reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. The chase finally ended at mile marker 137, where police arrested Neer.

Sherdog adds more details:

Neer, 25, faces charges of Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated, hit-and-run, eluding police and other traffic violations, according to Sgt. Jeff Phillips with the Des Moines Police Department. This was Neer’s second OWI offense. Eluding police is a felony charge…
[P]olice reportedly deployed spike strips in an attempt to bring the pursuit to an end. Neer was arrested after blowing a tire and later posted bail. Neer was released at 8:26 a.m. CST from Polk County Jail on $2,000 bond for the OWI and $5,000 for the felony eluding.

Good lord, man. What part of "Enjoy Responsibly" did you not understand? No official statement has been released by the UFC at this point, and Neer is still scheduled to take on Mac Danzig at UFC Fight Night 17 (February 7th; Tampa, Florida).


Rampage Formally Charged; Faces Up to 3 Years

Quinton Rampage Jackson Toyo MMA
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The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has formally charged Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for his July 15th vehicular misadventure in Costa Mesa. The former UFC light-heavyweight champ is looking at one felony count of evading while driving recklessly, one felony count of evading a peace officer and driving against traffic, three misdemeanor counts of hit and run with property damage, and one misdemeanor count of reckless driving. If you’re a lawyer and you know the difference between those two extremely similar-sounding felony charges, please enlighten us.

Jackson will enter his pleas to the charges during his arraignment on Thursday, which will take place in a Santa Ana, California, courtroom at 9 a.m. PT; he would receive a maximum sentence of three years in prison if convicted, though he could potentially receive as little as probation. Luckily for him, there will be no formal charges related to his collision with Holly Griggs, the woman who suffered a miscarriage two weeks after being sideswiped during Jackson’s “delirium”-fueled joyride:

“We reviewed all the medical records and spoke with the victim’s physician and the evidence showed that the loss of the fetus was not related to the crash,” said Farrah Emami, spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

That may or may not rule out a future civil suit — again, lawyers, a little help? — but it’s clear that the cards all need to fall in Jackson’s favor if he hopes to fight again this year. Or next year, for that matter…

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Rampage is Back and Everything is Juuuuust Fine

Rampage Jackson and UFC president Dana White
(Just a couple of perfectly sane guys hanging out. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Suddenly former UFC champ “Rampage” Jackson is his normal self again. He showed up at yesterday’s UFC 87 press conference, laughing and joking and acting as if nothing unusual had happened. The UFC seems intent on downplaying the whole situation, even the really difficult parts, such as the woman who miscarried some time after being hit in Jackson’s “delirium”-fueled car chase. Dana White is even helping out, though maybe he shouldn’t:

“That one is out there like, ‘He hit her and she lost her baby,’ ” White said. “It was a week later. He knocked her mirror off her car. Rampage said, and he’ll tell you when you talk to him, ‘I care about everybody. I care about all life. I would never hurt anybody.’

“That’s the way he is,” White said. “Now he’s in a situation where somebody’s trying to civil sue him and make some money. Absolutely not. Absolutely not, this is not a criminal thing. No way. I’m no lawyer and I’m no judge, (but) this stuff will be worked out in the court.”

Not sure if blaming the victim in a hit-and-run is the best tactic, even if you believe she’s trying to take advantage of the situation. Then again, that is Dana White’s style. Losing your baby a week after being hit by a pro fighter in his run from the law, that’s just something you have to work through. The question is, do you want to be a f-cking mother?

Rampage didn’t discuss that particular situation with reporters, but did comment briefly on the situation with trainer Juanito Ibarra who, it was pointed out, was something of a father figure to the champ before their split:

“That’s what hurts,” Jackson said. “I can’t say. You guys will find out soon enough.”

We will? Care to give us the exact date on which we’ll find out? Because I hate being kept in suspense like this.


Juanito Ibarra Devastated by “Rampage” Jackson’s Troubles

(Better times. Photo courtesy of

The split with trainer Juanito Ibarra is said to have precipitated former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Jackson’s mental breakdown, but Ibarra himself has been quiet on the issue. While he still refuses to talk to about exactly what happened between he and Rampage, he does seem to be deeply affected by it in this talk with MMA Junkie:

“I’m devastated by what he’s been through and some of the things I’ve heard,” said Ibarra. “I’ve not sat down with Quinton to this day to discuss things. I pray for his well-being, and if I helped Quinton out a little bit with his growth in the sport, then I’ve been very blessed and honored to do that. I love this kid with all my heart, and I wish him nothing but the best.”


“I’m not going to get in to storytelling. … It’s not what I’m about. I haven’t sat down with Quinton Jackson, and I’m not going to hear things through sources and through people. This is a kid I’ve been with for almost four years. I have nothing but love and support for him. All I want for Quinton right now is what’s best for him. Whatever he needs from me in any way, I’m here for him and always have been.”

Recent reports have attributed the split to money, but as more information on Jackson’s mental state becomes apparent it seems less and less likely, if only for the reason that money is way too normal a thing for fighters and trainers to squabble over, and nothing about this situation seems normal. Particularly since Ibarra seems to be as much of a spiritual adviser as a trainer to Jackson, perhaps a reconciliation of some kind could really help the former champ.


BREAKING: Rampage Arrested After Hit-and-Run

Rampage arrested 1
Rampage arrested 2
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Big trouble in the Thirty Mile Zone:

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson got busted just minutes ago, and is currently in custody on the way to the clink, but not before he was [ordered] on the ground, cops nearby with guns drawn.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Rampage was in a car crash near Newport Beach (that’s near Laguna Beach in the O.C.) and then split the scene. Cops gave chase and eventually caught up and charged him with felony hit and run and felony evading arrest.

Here’s the deal about the dumbest hit and run ever. Notice the truck he tried evading police in — the one with the giant picture of him plastered on the side!

We’re told there could be additional charges. No word yet on whether Rampage resisted arrest.

A couple more details from the Daily Pilot via Bloody Elbow:

Jackson, the driver of a lifted, gray pick-up truck left crashed cars, shredded tires and sparks in his wake this afternoon when he led police on a short pursuit from the southbound 55 freeway exit onto Newport Boulevard where he hit at least three cars, police said.

The driver hit two cars at 19th Street and Newport Boulevard, then drove away at about 1:13 p.m., Lt. Paul Dondero said. A Costa Mesa police officer saw the driver southbound approaching 17th Street and tried to pull him over, police said. There, he hit at least one more car before continuing to run, now heading south toward the Balboa Peninsula, Dondero said. Some time after that, the truck blew a tire but continued to drive on its rims, Dondero said.

Jackson eventually gave up, pulled over and was arrested, police said. The whole chase lasted about five minutes, Dondero said.

I know that first picture looks like a movie shoot, or at the very least an episode of Punk’d gone FUBAR, but the situation is unfortunately real. Please, Quinton — one little loss is no reason to begin a dramatic downward spiral. More details to come…

UPDATE (8:45 p.m. ET): “There were no indications of drug or alcohol use by Rampage Jackson at the time of his arrest.” Jackson is being held at the Costa Mesa City Jail in lieu of a $25,000.00 bail.