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The Fourteen Ugliest Walkout Shirts in MMA

Yes, it’s ugly, trashy and tasteless to include Arianny on this list. Just like this t-shirt. Props:

MMA fighters aren’t exactly known for their fashion sense. So it should come as little surprise that most MMA t-shirt companies produce some pretty questionable designs. The rampant abuse of foil print, skulls, chains, tribal designs and nautical stars among most MMA t-shirts is bad enough on its own; even worse when you consider that they sell for thirty bucks a pop.

Which I guess makes it all the worse when a fighter makes his way to the cage covered in an “athletic fit” Old-English mess. Not only is the shirt revolting, but it’s going to sell for an outlandish sum of money, and be worn by every overweight Texas Roadhouse chef, milquetoast tech support geek and muscle-bound frat boy.

Perhaps the reason that we’ve never attempted an “Ugliest Walkout Shirts” post is because ranking these train wrecks is like ranking, well, actual train wrecks. No matter what order you place them in, you’re a total scumbag for attempting to rank a tragedy from most to least depressing. And besides, you’re clearly wrong about which one belongs at number three. For that reason, these will not be ranked, per se, but rather categorized. How you feel these shirts fall into place is up to you.

Let’s start with the most obvious category:


The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale: The New Guys

(Rodney Wallace’s 8-second KO of Carlos Zevallos at a Revolution Fighting Championships event last December. Fight starts at the 2:27 mark; yeah, it’s kinda B.S., but a win’s a win.)

In addition to the reality show hopefuls and UFC vets that will be competing on Saturday, there will also be two guys who will be stepping into the Octagon for the very first time. They’re both undefeated, and they both have awesome nicknames. These are their stories…

RODNEY "Sho Nuff the Master" WALLACE
Experience: 9-0 record (six wins via decision) with notable victories over Toni Valtonen, Antwain Britt and Aaron Stark. Last competed in September, when he won an eight-man VFC tournament in Aruba.
Will be fighting: Brian Stann (7-2, 1-1 UFC)
Lowdown: A member of the Team ROC crew in Harrisburg, North Carolina, the 28-year-old Sho Nuff has only been competing professionally since last April. Wallace was a three-time state champion while wrestling in high school, but transitioned to football at Catawba College, where he was a star running back. After graduating, he started training in jiu-jitsu and boxing, won a few Toughman matches, and compiled a 4-1 pro record in the ring. At 5’9", he’ll be giving up some height to most of the guys in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division, but he doesn’t think that will be a factor against Stann: "I have no doubt in my mind that I’m a better fighter than him. My only battle is going in there and staying poised the whole time."