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Not This Sh*t Again: Now Jon Jones Has Caught the Acting Bug

There seems to be a growing trend of fighters getting dazzled by the bright lights of Hollywood, and thus far it hasn’t exactly been a wonderful experience for fight fans. In this interview with MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant, Jon Jones talks about his recent meeting with top execs at Warner Brothers to discuss potential movie roles.

There are two main reasons that one might be opposed to films starring MMA fighters. First off, by and large, they suck. Until very recently, fighters were relegated to roles in ‘C’ and ‘D’ list films, basically anything that was the third or fourth straight-to-video sequel to a hit from twenty years ago or a straight-to-video knockoff of a hit from twenty years ago. But even if the movie is a summer blockbuster, we’re stuck with reason two: these films will interfere with fights. Filming a movie takes a lot of time, and timing is everything in the fight game. If Hollywood takes a shining to Jones, it’s terrific for him and it would undoubtedly raise some mainstream awareness for our sport, but as a greedy fan I don’t want to see important fights delayed any longer than they absolutely must be.

Dana’s thoughts on thespian Jones and a small taste of his acting chops after the jump.


Check Out This Tweet from Randy Couture, You Guys

Do you realize what this means?  Randy Couture uses emoticons.

It’s been anticipated and speculated upon for some time, but it looks like "The Natural" has officially called it a career via Twitter.  He actually seems kinda surprised that we expected him to fight again.

If he doesn’t get tempted to try it again maybe just one more time, Couture will ride off into the sunset with a 19-10 record and a Hall of Fame legacy.  He will presumably continue running gyms, training fighters, and making movies  "when something interesting comes up".  (Ed. note:  He’s come a long way since "Fighter #8".)

Years from now, you will probably slap a kid who says "Who is Randy Couture?" in a snotty tone you won’t care for, which will of course make Thanksgiving 2031 awkward for everyone involved, especially when your daughter shows up, drunk, and with that loser again.  She could clearly do better, but at that point she’s only keeping him around to annoy you, and predictably, it works.  I tell you, those kids in the future, they won’t have any respect. 

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