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Knockout of the Day: Justin Scoggins Hook Kicks His Way to a Flyweight Title

(Props: ZombieProphet/OneStopMMASpot. Skip to 32:50 for the stoppage.)

For some reason, Sherdog has yet to update their fighter databases with the results from the Invasion 12/7/12 card that saw Charles Bennett get choked out by Ronnie Rogers, hence why we were unaware of all the fantastic action that unfolded on said card. Thankfully, our buddies over at MiddleEasy were able to secure a video of the evening’s most impressive stoppage, which took place just one fight before “Krazy Horse” was turned into glue. In a flyweight title fight, undefeated 20-year old phenom Justin “Tank” Scoggins squared off against Jacob Hebesison, and based on the title of this post, you can probably imagine how it ended.

But what you probably couldn’t predict is that the kick would stir up such a reaction in the crowd that random fans would start stripping down for no apparent reason shortly after it landed (33:25). Combine that with the fact that the kick made one commentator’s voice jump up about 5 octaves when attempting to describe it and you’ve got yourself one fantastic knockout right there.

Not since Shannon Ritch vs. John Wood have we seen such an effective use of “Sweet Chin Music” in MMA, but where does it stack up on your KO of the year lists, Potato Nation?

-J. Jones