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War Machine Makes Twitter Rape Jokes, Bellator Gives Him A Not-So-Stern Talking To

(Posting this image alone seems inappropriate enough given the “context” of this article, but we’ll get to that in a minute.) 

The man formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver but now spoken only of in terrified whispers as “War Machine” just can’t stop making himself look like an absolute dipshit. Or won’t stop.

The twice imprisoned Bellator welterweight has been fired in the past for making his insane thoughts public, to the point that he is currently the face of the “Think Twice, Then Type” campaign on the social networking site. His most recent remark, also on Twitter, may be his worst to date. However, it does not appear that his employer cares in the slightest.

Just raped @ChristyMack She tried to make me wait until “after errands” As if! =p” War Machine tweeted August 10th.

Christy Mack, of course, is his adult film actress girlfriend.

Koppenhaver went on to declare that, “Real men rape. (Their GF’s and wives, not strangers, don’t get your panties in a bunch.)” Yes, Mr. Machine, let us not jump to conclusions when judging your moral turpitude.

As one would expect, Machine’s latest musings were not received without criticism. Thankfully, we can all rest assured knowing that Machine’s thoughts — which he typed himself, mind you — were taken out of context.

“Apparently you idiots didn’t read my tweet prior to the one y’all are crying about, it puts it in the right context. Sensitive ass bitches,” he scribed, likely while wearing an ascot and smoking a corncob pipe. “Context is the word…y’all motherfuckers just love to take what I say out of CONTEXT and then attempt to demonize me with it. #DIESLOW.”


Here We Go Again: Police in Thailand Mount Manhunt for Junie Browning Following Bar and Hospital Brawl

(What, me worry?)

Police in Phuket are combing the Thai island looking for Junie Browning after the troubled 26-year-old UFC castoff allegedly started a brawl in a local bar where he assaulted several patrons before attacking the victims again at a hospital later in the night.


Bob Reilly is Using His MMA Opposition in NY as His Main Platform for Re-Election

("My war against MMA is more important than the war on drugs and the war on illegal guns.")

New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly once again proved that he is an idiot with a personal agenda against MMA during a debate this week with opposing candidate Jennifer Whalen he participated in yesterday.

While Whalen outlined her priorities for her potential term as assemblywoman which included overhauling the legislature’s ethics policies, reducing unemployment and constructing a small business relief program, Reilly pointed out that his main priority is cock-blocking MMA in the state, explaining that it has become his personal crusade and that he has spent the most time and effort on — even more so than much needed tax relief for the state that his opponent says he has ignored in favor of the axe he is grinding against MMA.

"On a personal level, because what happens in the legislature — you have to shepherd certain bills through, I will be working, as I’ve said, twice already — my forfeeiture of pension bill. I will also be working on the bill — although it is not a bill — I will be working against the bill that would put Ultimate Fighting into this state," Reilly explained, hardly unable to contain his excitement. "Those are a personal effort where I am the lead legislator on those two efforts."

A personal effort, huh? No kidding?