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Gallery: Photo Proof of Josh Barnett Beating Bobby Lashley in Japan Last Night

(Why doesn’t the UFC allow pre-fight staredowns?)

How did we not know Josh Barnett vs. Bobby Lashley was happening last night in Japan under the Inoki Genome Federation Banner? Thankfully SportsNavi had proof that the fight went down and that it was actually closer than we would have assumed it would be.

Barnett demonstrated some uncharacteristic stand-up skills by punishing Lashley’s legs with leg kicks before he was picked up the former UFC heavyweight champion and slammed to the canvas. But in the end it was the submission skills of the fighter formerly known as “The Babyfaced Assassin” that proved the difference. Barnett caught Lashley in an armbar and the former WWE champ was forced to tap out in the opening frame.

Oh, did we forget to mention that it was a pro wrestling bout? Our bad.

Check out the photos of the “fight” after the jump.