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Disturbing Rumor of the Day: CB Dollaway and Tiger Woods May Have Been Sharing Skirts

(‘Sorry everyone, but could we take another one? I forgot to sneer.’)

Really, there are two disturbing aspects to this rumor. One is that someone intentionally had sex with C.B. Dollaway. The other is that the same person was also, perhaps during the same general time period, having sex with Tiger Woods. Sports by Brooks says Tiger mistress and former reality TV show participant Jaimee Grubbs (not the girl pictured above, btw. we’re talking about the chick who was on "Tool Academy" until her boyfriend’s other girlfriend showed up, so yeah, classy broad) was also banging “The Doberman.” So you see? It’s not that this girl was intentionally trying to wreck Woods’ marriage. She just has really, really poor judgment.