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Video: Countdown to UFC 129

(Video courtesy of Videobb/FightVideosMMA)

If you can’t wait until tonight to watch the Countdown to UFC 129, we got you covered.

The Cliff’s Notes on the show are after the jump.


Video: UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Shields Episode 2

(Video courtesy of YouTube/ZPsBackUp)

If you missed it, UFC Primetime was back last night with another episode featuring UFC 129 main event fighters Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields.

The show focused more closely on the training regimens of both fighters and included snippets of GSP’s new gymnastics workout. I was hoping to there would be more of Shields sparring with Nick Diaz as he was in the gym helping the welterweight challenger prepare when they shot the footage of him training  with Gilbert Melendez featured on the show last night, but the Strikeforce welterweight champ has an aversion  to being on camera. There’s a rumor going around that he blasted “The Most Excited Interviewer in the World” for putting up training footage with the interviews he did with Shields a few weeks back and forced him to take the videos down.

All in all it was another decent episode, but the series would be much better without the tired cliches. It’s getting a little bit nauseating hearing how, “Shields will get the best Georges St-Pierre on April 30,” “GSP has never faced a grappler like Jake,” or “This is the toughest opponent of my career.” It seems that we hear the same thing from both camps before every fight.

It would be more entertaining to hear one of them say, “He sucks. Fighting him is almost a waste of my time. I’ve hardly trained because it’s going to be so easy. I’m going to beat him quickly so I can get a head start at pulling tail at the after party.”

Check out part two after the jump.


Video of the Day: GSP Continues to Make the Rest of Us Look Like Weaklings

(Video courtesy of YouTube/officialGSP)

Just when you think bench pressing 120 percent of your bodyweight and doing suicide sets of heavy squats without puking was a major gym accomplishment, GSP has to come along and make you rethink how in shape you really are.

The video above further illustrates the fact that working out is a past time for most of us and for St-Pierre it’s a career he takes more seriously than most fighters competing today.


Video: Jake Shields Expects to Be Taken Down by GSP, But Says He Isn’t Scared of Being on His Back

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMACanada)

Jake Shields was in Toronto recently for a photo shoot at Xtreme Couture for Jakt Apparel and he spoke briefly to MMACanada about his upcoming UFC 129 bout in the city with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre while he was there.

For those of you whose bosses don’t like you wasting your work day watching videos on YouTube, the transcription is after the jump.


Mr. Superfight, Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre Jake Shields UFC 129 poster flags Canada Canadian USA
(Yep. The flag thing again. Props: UFC)

By Anton Gurevich

Two weeks from now, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre will look to defend his title for the sixth time, squaring off against Jake Shields at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The fight will headline the stacked UFC 129, which will also feature names such as Randy Couture, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo and Ben Henderson on the main card.

Many fans see St. Pierre’s fight against Jake Shields as only a hurdle before “the real thing” — an encounter with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva, which has been labeled a “Superfight”, and potentially the biggest bout in Mixed Martial Arts history. Yes, there’s no doubt about how huge a fight between St. Pierre and Silva would be, but it definitely wouldn’t be the first “Superfight” in the French-Canadian’s career…

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Video: UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Shields Episode 1

(Video courtesy of YouTube/Dave2662)

If you missed the premiere episode of UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Shields last night, don’t be scared, homies, we got you.

The show was as good as it predecessors, giving us a glimpse inside the camps of the main event fighters from UFC 129 April 30.

Not surprisingly, the the producers played up the respectful sportsmanship of St-Pierre who gave props to Shields’ ground game and politely pointed out that he chooses to test himself against opponents by beating them at their own games.

“Ee ‘as one area that ee is vary, vary good at and it’s ‘is grapping. All da guy dat he has fought in da past were afraid to go on the floor wit ‘im and dat is something dat I am not afraid to do. I always wanted to test myself wit the best fighter at ‘der best game. I like Jake Shield. He’s just at da wrong place at da wrong time. I train harder den I ever train,” GSP asserted throwing in a tired cliche for good measure. “I’m de best Georges St-Pierre dat I ever been. The fight dat I been waiting for for four years is gonna happen in front of fifty thousand people. It’s gonna be incredible.”

Check out part two of the episode after the jump.


Ellenberger to Step in for Foster, Sanchez to Compete in UFC Fan Expo Grappling Tourney in Toronto

(If only all of Jake Shields fights were sped up and accompanied with Benny Hill theme-like music. Video courtesy of YouTube/JayCosta7)

The UFC announced last night that Jake Ellenberger will step in for Brian Foster against Sean Pierson at UFC 129 later this month in Toronto and that fellow welterweight Diego “The Dream” Sanchez has been added to a four-man grappling tournament at the weekend’s UFC Expo.


‘UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields’ Extended Video Trailer

(Props: UFCinterviews)

The extended video preview for UFC 129 has hit the Internet tubes, and as usual with these things, we get confident words from all the headliners, intercut with Joe Rogan raving about what beasts they are. Here’s a cheat-sheet…

Georges St. Pierre says it’s an honor and a privilege to be part of all-time biggest gate in UFC history, and promises to give the fans a good show. Welterweight title contender Jake Shields says he has no problem fighting in hostile territory — which might be the first time that any part of Canada has been described as “hostile territory.” Says Shields: “Everyone has holes. He’s human. Once I get on top of him, I’m going to pass and put him away.” GSP respects Jake’s six year, 15-fight win streak, but says that fighting for a UFC world title is a different game. Particularly when you’re fighting Georges St. Pierre.


Video: Jake Shields Talks to the Most Excited Interviewer in the World About His Upcoming UFC 129 Fight With GSP

(Video courtesy of YouTube/CNM)

Either this guy drank WAY too many Red Bulls before this interview or he just REALLY likes talking to Jake Shields. Whatever the case may be, he caught up with Jakes at Cesar Gracie’s gym and got his thoughts on a few topic, including his upcoming UFC 129 bout on April 30 against UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and the prospect of the former Strikeforce middleweight champ possibly fighting Anderson Silva somewhere down the road.

“Do you think you can beat GSP?” probably wasn’t the best question to start the interview with, but Jake took it in stride, laughing off the strange query from his alleged fan.

Judging by his outfit and how giddy he seems to be around his favorite fighters, it’s safe to say he won’t be awarded Strikeforce or UFC credentials under the current regime.

Check out video of Mr. Perky interviewing Josh Thomson, Matt Lindland and Josh Koscheck about the fight as well as footage of Jake training with some old dude after the jump.


Training Updates: Fedor Heads to Holland to Train with Ernesto Hoost and Chael Sonnen Adds Some Swagger to the 209 Where He’s Helping Jake Shields Prepare for GSP

(Chael says: ‘A trio of good ol’ boys beat a gaggle of yes men any day.’)

Jake Shields mentioned in an interview he did with Joe Rogan during Saturday’s Ultimate Fight Night 24 broadcast that he was planning on bringing in Chael Sonnen to help him prepare for his April 30 UFC 129 match-up with UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre.

According to MiddleEasy, he wasn’t just blowing smoke up our asses as the beleaguered UFC middleweight contender has offically arrived in the 209 with his Team Quest mate Matt Lindland in tow to help Shields prepare for GSP.