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TUF 11′s Biggest Heel One and Done in the Octagon; Yager and Three Castmates Handed Walking Papers By the UFC

(The Chosyn1′s UFC hype train got Yager-bombed)

Well it appears that Jamie Yager really is "The Chosyn1" as the UFC have selected him as one of four "The Ultimate Fighter 11" contestants whose three-year exclusive contracts options they will not pick up.

According to a report by, the UFC has released Yager, Josh Bryant, James Hammortree and Seth Baczynski following losses by all four fighters on the TUF 11 Finale.

Yager, who became this season’s resident heel logged a decisive loss to Cage Potato’s resident TUF 11 blogger Rich "The Raging Bull" Attonito, succumbing to strikes at 4:25 of the second round.

If all else fails for the 2-2 Huntington Beach native who denied a public Twitter feud with his coach on the show, Tito Ortiz, he could always try his hand and mouth at professional wrestling.


New Additions to TUF 11 Finale Card Include Bryant vs. Noke, Tavares vs. Baczynski

TUF 11 Finale Ultimate Fighter UFC Hamill Jardine poster

You already know that Court McGee vs. Kris McCray will be the co-headliner at next Saturday’s TUF 11 Finale show (Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET/PT), and we also told you that Rich Attonito won the "who gets to kick Jamie Yager’s ass" sweepstakes. So who else will join them at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas? Spike has confirmed the following bouts for the event…

Josh Bryant vs. Kyle Noke: No, Bryant won’t be facing off with fellow semi-finalist Brad Tavares in a third-place match. Instead, he has drawn Kyle Noke, the Australian veteran who was upset by Kris McCray in the TUF 11 quarterfinals.

Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski: You see what they did there? Tavares and Baczynski get to have a rematch after their quarterfinal match ended abruptly via soccer kick disqualification.


TUF 11.8 Recap: Revenge of the Losers

TUF 11 Joe Leonidas Henle Ultimate Fighter
(Look on the bright side, Joe — you weren’t going to win that fight anyway.)

Last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter blessed us with two fights — the Wild Card match between previously eliminated Team Ortiz members Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray, and the first quarterfinal match, which basically turned out to be a Wild Card match in itself. Allow us to explain…

Kyacey’s son, Charles Champ Uscola, is born. Kyacey is elated, and fired up to capitalize on his second chance after losing by DQ to Rich Attonito. McCray previously lost a decision to Josh Bryant, but showed a lot of heart in the process. Kris McCray considers himself the underdog in this fight. He’s less experienced, and Kyacey has the better wrestling pedigree. Tito will be watching from the bleachers, and promises not to say anything during the fight.

Round 1: McCray starts out with a leg kick and a couple jabs, then a body kick. Uscola responds with a leg kick, and two inside kicks to McCray’s knee that make him wince. Uscola charges in, but McCray clinches and eventually scores the takedown. Uscola quickly gets up, but McCray is on him against the fence. Uscola fires a knee in the clinch. McCray works some knees to Uscola’s legs. One of them nails Uscola in the nuts and the ref warns McCray and separates them. They trade kicks. Uscola hip-tosses McCray, lands a knee to the body, and they trade punches when McCray fights his way up. McCray picks up and slams Uscola, who turtles on his knees. McCray works to take Uscola’s back, and throws down a couple of short elbows from the top. He tries to set up a rear-naked choke as the round ends.


TUF 11.3 Recap: Wonda Why They Call U Bitch

Brad Tavares James Hammortree chin in eye submission tuf 11 the Ultimate Fighter
(Chris Haseman would be proud.)

In last night’s episode of Coaches Who Won’t Fight Each Other 11, Team Punishment suffers another setback when Dana "Angel of Death" White comes in and tells Chris Camozzi that he has to leave the competition because of a fractured jaw. Bummer, brah. And so, Tito has to replace his last pick with a guy who got beaten in the preliminary round. After weighing his options, he calls back Seth Baczynski, who lost to Court McGee but showed heart in the process.

Team Liddell’s Charles Blanchard has an advanced degree in giving back-rubs to other dudes. A rub-down given to Team Ortiz’s Nick Ring at 2 a.m. opens up the ridicule floodgates from Jamie Yager, who busts Ring’s balls about the massage and the fruity way he leans against a bathroom door. Yager simply won’t be happy until all his teammates hate him. Later, an altercation in practice leads to Yager calling Ring a "bitch." Ring is ready to throw down, but Tito cools everybody out and explains that they’ll all have to help each other if one of them hopes to win this thing. By contrast, Team Liddell is "Happy Camp," according to John Hackleman.