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Hopefully the Last Word on This Tito Ortiz/Jenna Jameson Fiasco…

Jenna Jameson Tito Ortiz
("Okay, fine, I abused her *this* much.")

From a new report on Sherdog:

Tito Ortiz and longtime girlfriend Jenna Jameson appear to be on the road to some form of reconciliation following an incident Monday that led to the fighter’s arrest and later accusations of the former adult star’s alleged drug use

Ortiz’s lawyer, Chip Matthews, told on Friday that the entire incident was just a “misunderstanding.” Matthews also said it was his understanding that statements made by Ortiz and Jameson on Monday to officers during his arrest would either be altered or retracted by the parties, as was first reported by on Thursday.

“Both sides are interested in the truth coming out and for the welfare of their children and bringing an end to this,” Matthews told on Friday. Matthews would not confirm if Ortiz and Jameson are in direct communication due to the ongoing investigation…


CagePotato Comments of the Week: A Show of Solidarity

Fight Magazine cover Jens Pulver MMA WEC
(For the next few weeks, "Comments of the Week" winners will score subscriptions to our favorite MMA-rag, Fight! Magazine. Follow Fight! on Twitter, and pick up the latest issue on newsstands now. Pictured above: "Gens" himself.)

There are some people in this world who are so socially inept and abrasive in real life that they can only function on the Internet, relying on non-relationships with total strangers via message boards and blog comments. And then, there are some people who can’t even do that right. Such is the case with "thisredengine," a truly bizarre individual who showed up here out of the blue on Tuesday, and immediately tried to impress all of you by claiming the following:

– He’s pretty well-known and respected over at, and regularly tweets with Leland Roling. He’s pretty much an unofficial staffer there.
– MMA legend "Gens" Pulver once acknowledged something he wrote.
– He’s a jet-setting world traveler, on account of his job.
– He considers himself "one of the cool kids in the MMA community."
– He considers himself and BE’s Luke Thomas to be "a level above most in MMA conversations." The readers of this site would not be able to hang on his conversation-level.
– He ignores all comments from people he doesn’t know, which on this site would be everybody.

Though many of us (including myself) begged him to fuck off and leave us alone, he refused to fuck off. And so, new contributor ReX13 hit him with what will go down in history as the "I Have a Dream" speech of…


Barely-MMA Gossip-Rag Update: Jenna Jameson Tests Clean for Drugs

Jenna Jameson Tito Ortiz sons
(I was going to say "work it out for the kids," but for God’s sake, look at those little monsters. You’re better off putting them in an orphanage and cutting your losses at this point.)

Casting doubt on Tito Ortiz‘s claim that baby-momma Jenna Jameson "relapsed" on OxyContin, TMZ reports that Jameson tested clean for 10 major drugs the day after their little domestic abuse misunderstanding:

We’ve learned the results of the test, administered Tuesday by American Toxicology Inc. in Las Vegas, show Jenna’s urine tested "negative" for the ten major drugs they were screening for, a list that included cocaine, weed, meth and oxycodone — the major ingredient in OxyContin…Now, after receiving the results of the test, Jenna is reaffirming her claim telling us, "I am definitely not addicted to OxyContin or any drug.”


Morning Tito Update: Ortiz Claims Innocence, Blames Jenna’s OxyContin Addiction for Dispute

(Do a shot every time Tito’s attorney says "unfortunately." Video courtesy of KTLA via MMA Weekly.)

Directly after being released by the Huntington Beach Police Department yesterday on $25,000 bail, Tito Ortiz and his attorney Chip Matthews organized a news conference in North Hollywood to address his domestic assault charges. Their side of the story goes like this: Ortiz "never laid a hand on" his girlfriend Jenna Jameson. Jameson, an OxyContin addict for over a year (so they say), relapsed on the notorious painkiller, and when Tito confronted her about some pills that he’d found in their house, things got heated. After he left, she contacted the police department through another individual; her father Larry Massoli, reportedly. An emotional Ortiz thanked his fans and family for their support. He said he saw his parents go through addiction, and wouldn’t let it affect his family again. "I hold everything dear to my heart that Jenna will be okay," he said.

Of course, Jenna’s account of what transpired is markedly different…


Dana White Says UFC Will Release Ortiz If Charges Hold Up

(Dana White and Tito Ortiz during happier times)

UFC president Dana White was contacted this afternoon by TMZ to enquire about whether or not Tito Ortiz would likely be let go from the promotion due to the felony domestic violence charges that were laid against "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" stemming from an alleged assault on his girlfriend Jenna Jameson this morning. 


Video: Jenna Jameson Okay; Pressing Charges Against Ortiz *UPDATED*

(Video courtesy

Jenna Jameson is asked by a TMZ reporter if she plans to press charges against her longtime boyfriend, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, for allegedly assaulting her in their Huntington Beach, CA home earlier today, to which she replies, "Of course."

When asked by the cameraman about what transpired that morning, Jenna said she couldn’t talk about it, but reassured him that, both she and her twin 13-month-old boys would be fine.

"Everything is okay," Jameson said. "He’s in jail."

Video of Ortiz’s arrest after the jump.


Report: Tito Ortiz Arrested for Domestic Assault

(Ortiz and Jameson in happier times)

TMZ is reporting the injury-plagued UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz has been arrested for felony domestic assault and is en-route to jail in Orange County, CA.

Police responded to a 911 call at the home that Ortiz and longtime girlfriend Jenna Jameson share with their twin sons. According to the report, sheriff’s deputies noted "visible injuries" on Jameson, prompting the arrest of "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy."

We’ll have more as details become available.


Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson Have Been Going Through Some Rough Times, You Guys

(‘Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd got nothing on us, baby.’)

Sometimes you have to stop and wonder how people ever dealt with hardship before the invention of Twitter. Before the age when one could broadcast one’s own personal tragedies in 140 characters or less, how did we ever get along? I mean, say you’re a woman who recently went through a miscarriage, as Jenna Jameson claimed on her Twitter account recently. What are you supposed to do with that pain, keep it to yourself? Only share it with close friends and family members? Some life that would be. Your 97,000 followers on Twitter absolutely need to know about this, just like they need to know about the really bad flu your famous pro fighter boyfriend is suffering from, and about your desire to be in an all-girl rock band.

And see, that’s just a couple of days in the Twitter life of Tito and Jenna. A few weeks ago Ortiz raised eyebrows with cryptic messages about how difficult his life had become, prompting all manner of speculation about his health and general well being. Now he tweets that he’s suffering from “the worst ful I have every had [sic]. More IV’s please.”


Mark Coleman’s Manager Isn’t About to Let Tito Ortiz Get Away With This

Mark Coleman
(The Coleman: this year’s most terrifying Halloween costume. Photo courtesy of MMA Authentics.)

If Tito Ortiz thought he could call Mark Coleman a sissy for pulling out of their UFC 106 fight on November 21 without any repercussions whatsoever, he clearly didn’t account for Coleman’s manager, Mike DiSabato.  After Ortiz ripped his fighter on Twitter, DiSabato fired back by blasting Ortiz for “get[ting] personal with a legend,” then launched into a tirade about Ortiz and his porn star girlfriend, Jenna Jameson.  That’s right.  He went there:

“The only thing Coleman is afraid of when it comes to Tito is contracting swine flu from that dirty ass d-bag.  We all know where he lays his head down at night. Tito wants to get personal with a legend? OK, let’s get personal – we can all go to our porn collections and watch what Tito sleeps with night after night.”

There are only two words we can say about that.  They are OH and SNAP.  Turns out that Coleman’s purported sissyness is the result of a torn MCL, though DiSabato says Coleman will be ready to fight by January 2 and suggested that the fight be postponed until UFC 108.  Presumably that will also give Coleman’s camp more time to have Ortiz tested for swine flu, which, as we all know, is the scourge of the porn industry.


CagePotato Comments MS Paintings of the Week

Jenna Jameson drawing UFC
(Props: Hywel Teague; hint)
Wanderlei Silva Jason Miller
(Props: Mouastarz209; hint)

Yesterday we took a look at some classic MMA moments recreated in MS Paint, and suffice it to say, Potato Nation was inspired. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us drawings of their own, many of which made us laugh our asses off. Our two favorites are above, and a few more are after the jump. Yes, you’re all eligible for free t-shirts.