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The Apocalypse Must Be Near: Jenna Jameson Might Be Broadway-Bound

(Tito and Jenna minutes before being banned for life by Chuck E. Cheese.)

Well, it’s official: Broadway doesn’t discriminate against people with no acting or singing experience who used to be paid to have sex.

According to the New York Post, former porn star and current common-law wife of former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson is in the running for the role of strip club owner Justice in the New York-based rock musical, "Rock of Ages."

In her defense, she did convince everybody that Tito beat the shit out of her, then had us all believe that it was all a big misunderstanding and that her injured arm was her fault and not The Huntington Beach Badboy’s.

According to Jameson, who was to meet with the show’s producers today, playing the role of a former stripper will be easy, considering she can be very believable when she talks about Tito being the best fighter ever and becoming a UFC champion again some day.

"I’m meeting with the producers [today], and I just hope I have enough talent to carry the role. We are talking about a run that would be anything from a month to three months, and it could start very soon."I think I’m perfect for the role, and I am really looking forward to becoming a New Yorker."

If she gets the role, I predict Jenna leaves the kids with Tito, moves to NY and hooks up with a co-star like 90% of married actors and he will blame the situation on an injury he suffered while single-parenting.

What will the MMA world do without Jennito?


No Charges Laid in Ortiz-Jameson Domestic Assault Case

(Oh, Jenna. When will you learn?)

You’ll all be happy to know that Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson are now officially free to go on with their trainwreck life together now that the Orange County District Attorney’s office has decided to close their case without laying charges against the former UFC light heavyweight champion for the highly publicized April 26 fight between the pair at their Huntington Beach home.


The Terrifying Debut of ‘Jennito’

If you haven’t noticed yet, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson are pretty damn good at marketing themselves. Since the gossip magazines haven’t cared enough about them as a celebrity couple to invent a cutesy hybrid nickname (i.e., Brangelina, Tomkat, EllenPagepotato [yeah, we've been trying to keep that one on the D.L., but we're happy, and we ask that you respect our privacy]), they’ve taken it upon themselves to invent one. Will it catch on? Fingers crossed!

Of course, there’s more to this video than ‘tarded nicknames. Ortiz strongly reiterates that he’s done with the UFC, and also reveals that he’s come around on his Kimbo Slice-hate. Jenna, as always, plays the supportive g.f., smiling and nodding and biting the inside of her cheeks while the little voice in her head screams “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO BORING ARE YOU STILL TALKING YOU OGRE-HEADED LOSER FOR FUCK’S SAKE WRAP IT UP!”