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The MMA Chain Gang: A Depressing Review of 2011′s Criminal Activities


Most ‘crimes’ in MMA take the form of inept judging and flagrant rule breaking, but this past year many professional fighters were caught up in activities that landed them inside of a very different sort of cage. Get ready for a trip down memory lane in our most depressing “booking roundup” of the year. Here’s your run down of 2011’s biggest arrests, convictions, acquittals, and sentencings.


Pantydroppers of the Week: Jeremy Jackson, Mike Whitehead, and Joe Son

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Jeremy Jackson UFC MMA rape

Beth’s View

Doability – I’ve never gone for the “Would have probably been a Nazi if he grew up in 1930s Germany” look, but there’s something about Jeremy that gets my tangas in a twist. I know, I know, the barbed wire bicep tat should be a deal-breaker. Still, those piercing blue eyes. The look on his face that says, “I would throw away every good opportunity, and even my freedom, just for a chance to ravage your body.” Wow. Feel my goosebumps.
Perceived Skills – BB gun shooting, jealous rages
Pet Name – Aryan Da’Hendersons
Imagined Dream Date – I have this fantasy where I’m a lifeguard at a local pool in Nevada. Jeremy comes in with his pack of bros. We lock eyes. He does a few long, slow laps. The butterfly stroke — my favorite. We exchange numbers during adult swim. He doesn’t call. Instead, he just shows up at my bedroom window that night. He’s shirtless and out of breath. I let him in the front door, and he collapses into my arms. He’s vulnerable, like a child, in the body of a man. “It’s okay, honey,” I say. “You’re home now.”
Long Term Relationship Potential – High, but I know it would end badly. It always does with the passionate ones.
Panty Dropper Rating – 4 – Worth the Wax.


Jeremy Jackson Pleads Guilty to Rape of Former Girlfriend

Jeremy Jackson UFC MMA rape sexual assault trial ventura county

Two-and-a-half years after being accused of raping a former girlfriend, Jeremy Jackson‘s felony trial finally began earlier this month; the former UFC fighter and TUF 4 contestant had been in jail since his June 2008 arrest, unable to post the $1 million bond. But in a surprising turn of events, Jackson changed his plea to guilty midway through the trial, and now faces 25 years to life in prison. The Ventura County Star passes along more details:

The change of plea stunned [Jackson's] lawyer, Russell Baker, who is with the Public Defender’s Office. “It was against my advice. I tried to tell him not to do that,” said Baker in an interview, adding that he was extremely disappointed. “I feel that we could have beaten his case.”

The alleged victim testified that Jackson had threatened, intimidated and raped her on June 28, 2008. She said Jackson put a gun to her head. Prosecutors say it was a BB gun. She said Jackson wanted her to call another man and have sex in front of him. She said he threatened to kill her, her children and himself if she didn’t do what he said.


Jeremy Jackson Arrested for Sex Crimes

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson was already a footnote in MMA history for his appearance on The Ultimate Fighter 4, where he was kicked off the show for leaving the TUF house to meet a woman. Unfortunately, it now looks like he’ll be remembered for something far more disturbing — a sex-fueled crime spree late last month that resulted in an arrest and charges of forcible rape (two counts), kidnapping to commit another crime, first-degree residential burglary, assault with a firearm, dissuading a witness by force or threat, and criminal threats.

MMA Junkie confirmed the charges last night, reporting that the 26-year-old is being held in a Ventura County jail, with bail set at $1 million; Jackson is due in Ventura County Superior Court on Wednesday, where he’ll enter pleas to the charges. For more details, you can check out his entry on the Ventura Country Sheriff’s website. (Ed. note: Link appears to be effed up. Go here and search by his name.)

After being kicked off TUF 4, Jackson was invited back for the finale card where he suffered a neck injury in a loss to Pete Spratt. He’s only competed once since then, winning a TKO over Hector Carrilo at Total Combat 19 in March 2007. A month later, the Ventura County Star published a profile on the journeyman fighter, which detailed his traumatic childhood, the death of his brother, and his battle with alcoholism.