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Pretty Boys Can Take Punches…Kinda’

If this had happened a few weeks earlier, it might have made our Best Street Fight Videos list – even if it wasn’t much of a fight. Recently, former “Desperate Housewives” actor Jesse Metcalf demonstrated how to pretend you’re a bad ass, when you’re really just shitting your pants and trying not to cry because you got jacked with a monster right.

Were those four or five ounce gloves the small dude was wearing? I must admit I get great pleasure in seeing this priss get taken to the ground. And his reaction after the punch makes it even funnier. He waits just long enough so his posse of secret service dudes shuttle the offender away, then pretends like he wants to brawl. “What the fuck?”, apparently being the key phrase that makes you look tough. I’ll tell you WTF: you got punished for what you did in the video below.

What the fuck indeed. Now I want to punch you, Jesse Metcalf. I hope Joe Rogan meets him at a Hollywood party and chokes him out.