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What’s Up, Jesse Taylor?

By now hopefully you’ve had time to process the news that the highly-anticipated Nick Diaz/Jay Hieron Strikeforce welterweight title fight has become the unanticipated, non-title fight between Hieron and Jesse Taylor, who’s known around these parts as “Mongo.”  We figured that as long as Diaz has smoked himself out of a title fight, the rest of us might as well turn our attention to “JT Money” and make the best of a bad situation.

If you’re wondering what Taylor has been up since being ousted from the UFC, the answer is, winning fights.  Dude has won seven straight, including victories over troubled scrapper Drew Fickett (TKO via strikes in the first round) and Korean judoka Dong Sik Yoon (TKO via injury in the first minute), while also picking up titles in the King of Champions and Total Combat organizations in between.  Before we get too excited, however, we should note that his winning streak has included victories over the likes of Rico Altamirano (2-1), Gert Kocani (1-1), and Ruben Barboza (0-1), so it’s not as if he’s been lighting up a cast of grizzled veterans.

But these are just statistics.  They don’t tell us anything about the man.  For that, we must go to the treasure trove of insight and unintentionally hilarious commentary known as


Nick Diaz Has Officially Screwed Strikeforce; Jesse Taylor to Step In Against Hieron

Nick Diaz Strikeforce
(‘I just got one question: who here has some rolling papers?’)

Nick Diaz’s love of marijuana is unabashed and well documented, but he may have finally reached the point where even he will be forced to admit that it’s a problem that is negatively affecting his life.  According to multiple reports this afternoon, Diaz failed to contact the California State Athletic Commission about rescheduling the pre-licensing drug test that he missed on Friday, which means that he will not be fighting Jay Hieron for the Strikeforce welterweight title at “Carano vs. Cyborg” this Saturday night.  

Instead, TUF 7’s Jesse “JT Money” Taylor will step in to face Hieron in a non-title affair, meaning the most troubled Strikeforce card ever just took another crippling blow.  Presumably Diaz is listening to a voicemail message from Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker right now explaining that he’s not mad at him, just very, very disappointed.  And somehow, much to his surprise, that will make Nick feel so much worse.