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Video of the Day: Gina Carano Makes Jim Norton Do His Best Marty Feldman Impersonation

(Video courtesy of YouTube/opieradio)

It’s funny, the Gina Carano real doll we bought Ben for Christmas says the same three phrases Gina said to morning radio crash test dummy Jim Norton before choking him out on today’s episode of The Opie and Anthony Show.

“I’m just gonna squeeze your throat real quick. I love that I have heels on. It makes it so much easier.”

The difference is, the doll doesn’t make you look like Marty Feldman… or maybe it does, in which case, forget we mentioned it.


MMA Video Tribute: Jim Norton’s Nine Most Painful Interviews

Jim Norton Opie & Anthony radio UFC MMA fighters brock lesnar

As co-host of the Opie & Anthony radio show on SiriusXM, comedian Jim Norton has become the designated punching bag for visiting MMA stars. He’s been choked, he’s been kicked, he’s had his foot twisted 180 degrees by Brock Lesnar. And considering what a sick, depraved bastard Norton is, you have to wonder if he enjoys it on some level. Here’s everything we could collect from Jim Norton’s MMA-related body of work. All videos courtesy of opieradio.

Guest: BJ Penn, 4/14/10
Technique: Armbar
In Jim’s words: “That is fuckin’ horrible…Besides the fact that your arm is ready to be ripped out, it puts pressure on your fuckin’ — it stretches you both ways, I didn’t realize it did that.”


Who Knew Brock Lesnar Was Such a Good Sport?

(Video courtesy of YouTube/ESPN)

Brock Lesnar has been on a whirlwind media tour this week in advance of tonight’s premiere episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 and one difference that is noticeable in the former UFC heavyweight champion is that he seems to be a lot less grumpy than usual. Either Dana White had a talk with him to ensure that there wouldn’t be any more “screw Bud Light” moments during the press junket or the TUF 13 coach has lightened up a bit. Either way, Brock actually comes off as funny and likeable in these clips.

Check out Lesnar scaring the shit out of Colin Cowherd and making Jim Norton squeal like a pig after the jump.