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Technique Video of the Day: 10th Planet Leg Lock and a South African Hottie

Yesterday when we posted video of that double armbar submission, Potato Nation loyalist ihateemo pointed out that it looked a bit like Eddie Bravo’s Sorcerer submission, and he even linked to the video. Thanks, ihateemo, now we can’t post that as the technique video of the day and write about how they looked similar. We would have looked very perceptive and educated, and everyone would have been impressed, but ihateemo had to go and screw it up for us. Thanks a lot, jerkface.

Good thing is, Bravo has plenty of videos out there of the strange and wonderful world of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, and finding footage of him weeded and talking his way through an exotic submission requires about two minutes and a yellow belt in Google Fu. With just a little bit of time and effort, we found this little gem covering the Vaporizer leg lock (which has NOTHING TO DO WITH WEED, YOU GUYS), plus a bonus: the vid features Joanne Spracklen, whom we’re sort of fond of around here.

Ok, Nation: go put on your gi pants, do some stretching, and try this out on a white belt today. With any luck, you can make them tap and/or cry and be back on XBoX before cocktail hour.



Technique Video of the Day: Hook the Heel, Wreck the Knee

When we watched this video, we lost The Game. VidProps: PanicPulse/YouTube

Ed “Short Fuse” Herman impressed some of us last night when he went all Paul Harris on poor Kyle Noke, catching Noke with a heel hook and torquing that motherlover until Mario Yamasaki noticed Noke’s “owwie” face and tap simultaneously, stopping it with a minute left in the first round. No official word yet, but expect Noke to be walking gingerly for the next few weeks.

If you’re not familiar with the much-feared heel hook, take a quick peep at this video where the lovely Joanne Spracklen demonstrates the mechanics, and keep in mind that the twisting action at the heel puts a lot of strain on the knee of that leg. And when we say “a lot of strain”, we mean that ligaments pop and tissues tear when you start cranking on this.

Joanne illustrates the standard heel hook, whereas Herman pulled off the inverted variety, moving Noke’s leg to the other side of his hips and twisting the toes out away from the body; the effects are every bit as devastating.

Do NOT try this at home. Seriously, people talk about how kids are resilient and can bounce back from anything, but surgery on knee ligaments will slow even the best of them way down.

Plus, i’m being told that mine is past the manufacturer’s warranty period, and now i have to pay out of pocket to get him fixed. And that’s why we can’t have nice things.



Technique Video of the Day: The Persistent Armbar

Mondays. Do we need to tell you that Mondays are the worst day of the week? This was scientifically verified, by the way, because scientists always study things that are self-evident to most people with some damn sense in their heads. I expect scientists to jump right on the phenomenon of videos featuring Joanne Spracklen and Hillary Williams and their massive popularity.

Hey brainiacs: it’s because these are two well-educated women discussing BJJ; one of whom is a world champ and an effing genius, while the other knows her roll (see what we did there?) and has an adorable South African accent. There’s no mystery here. Go figure out why it’s 2011 and we still don’t have hoverboards.

Make your Monday a bit better by checking out this video, in which Williams demonstrates how to turn that pesky defending arm into a victim of hyperextension. It’s a slick transition from one side of the body to the other, and a perfect example of turning your opponent’s strength into a weakness. Watch it twice, and then go practice in your garage.



Shocking Video of the Day: The Objectification of Jake Shields

This shocking video was pulled directly from the YouTube account of one of the alleged participants.

Good morning, everyone. We’d like to think that all is well in the world, but then we checked our YouTube subscriptions and saw this. MMA superstar Jake Shields is taking time out to sign autographs and greet fans, when an ugly scene of sexual harassment breaks out. Sure, it seems like everyone is just having some fun and it’s no big deal, but this is why we need to educate young athletes on the dangers of being taken advantage of.

If you can stomach it, click on the video and watch as MMA photographer Tracy Lee coerces young Shields into viewing explicit pictures of “planking”, a practice so suggestive and offensive we can’t even find a suitable link that wouldn’t make your computers immediately contract the binary version of the bad AIDS. As you can tell by Shields’ reaction, the pictures are shocking (and possibly illegal in the continental US). After showing Shields these hardcore pictures of other individuals performing this “planking” nonsense, Lee and her friends use applied psychology tricks to gradually erode the moral boundaries that make Jake Shields an upstanding role model for children.

It’s clear in the video that Shields just wants to please, as he reluctantly goes along with the idea to perform this “planking” with Lee, even while he expresses reservations that he could face some sort of trouble if things go awry. It’s possible that Shields naively believes that Lee and her friends will keep the footage to themselves, and his exploitation will go undiscovered. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard similar stories of young actors trying desperately to get ahead and being caught up in similar schemes, doing humiliating things on camera in hopes of being noticed.


’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ Voting: Round-of-16, Pool A

(Who’s in the mood for a popularity contest based on the most superficial criteria possible?)

The big dance begins today, ladies and gentlemen. Our quest to crown 2011′s Hottest Woman in MMA kicks off after the jump with the first half of the round-of-16, plus a bonus vote to determine the Wild Card spot in Pool B. (We won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that one of the competitors has an adorable South African accent, one of them is occasionally referred to as “the beautiful” by Mike Goldberg, and one has a cartoonishly huge ass.)

Here’s what to do: With the help of the photographic aids we’ve provided below, cast your vote for your favorite lady in each of the five polls; hit that ”next page” link when you’re done with each one. Any questions, let us know in the comments section, and be sure to come back on Friday to decide the other half of the Grand Prix round-of-16.

Note: If you don’t see the poll widget under each pairing of girls, please refresh your browser, or switch to one that doesn’t suck. And please forgive the janky formatting on pages 2 and 4; not sure what’s up with that. Now let’s go to work…


‘MMAshed Potato’ Host Auditions, Round 2: All-Girl Edition

Joanne Spracklen MMA Girls
(Joanne Spracklen isn’t the only familiar face you’ll be seeing today…)

I think we can all agree that the first round of auditions for our “MMAshed Potato” video series was, in general, an utter disaster. (No offense to Scott Epstein, who took the popular vote in a landslide.) Taking the advice of Potato Nation members like Fried Taco, Morningwood, and Stak40, we decided to do another round of auditions that featured good-lookin’ women who just read a short script we wrote for them, pretty much word-for-word. We also included a pronunciation key, to cut down on name-butchering. Check out the videos after the jump, and please use the poll in the sidebar to tell us how you feel. Thanks, guys.


Video: Alan Belcher Rear-Naked-Chokes His Own Baby

MMA Fighter Chokes Baby – Watch more Sports

Hopefully this will silence the haters who think Alan Belcher‘s grappling isn’t on Demian Maia’s level. brings us this video of the Talent demonstrating the ol’ RNC on his six-month-old daughter Ava, who already seems to understand that tapping out is for bitches. Watch as the level of concern in the room goes from "awww, what’s he doing to that baby?" to "seriously, what’s he doing to that baby." Belcher most recently finished Patrick Cote — a full-grown man — by the same technique at UFC 113.


Video Interview: Joanne Spracklen of ‘MMA Girls’ Gets Personal

When we last interviewed her two years ago, Joanne Spracklen of was an up-and-coming video-blogger known for her UFC predictions and jiu-jitsu tutorials, and was just a struggling MMA blog with a very small audience. Now, Joanne rubs elbows with UFC stars, sponsors female fighters, and acts in movies, while CagePotato…well, not much has changed for us, actually. But after we featured her as one of the 12 Hottest Women in MMA last month, Joanne offered to answer a new set of questions, for old time’s sake.

In this brand-new video interview, Joanne tries to seduce her way into a higher placement on our Hottest Women list, discusses her "lurker" role in Never Back Down, explains why she’s never dated an MMA fighter, and does a pretty solid impression of a vapid L.A. resident. For more of Joanne, follow her on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter!