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Anderson Silva Is Lovin’ It

(With the money he picked up from UFC 82, Spider would be able to buy 260,000 items from the dollar menu.)

TheMMADigest recently posted an impressive list of day-jobs held by notable mixed martial artists. Some of them are part of the fighters’ personal mythologies — we all know that Rich Franklin was a high school teacher, Clay Guida was a carpenter, Mirko Cro Cop was some sort of Croatian cop, and Houston Alexander still works as a hip-hop DJ. Others are a little more suprising. Did you know…

…Luke Cummo delivered pizzas, drove a cab, and tested video games?

…Leonard Garcia was an assistant manager at Frito-Lay?

…Cheick Kongo was an agent for a musical act in France? (Something called ‘Le Aristrocrats’)

…Karo Parisyan was a stuntman?

…Mauricio Rua was a model?

…Diego Sanchez worked at UPS?

…Anderson Silva worked at McDonald’s?

The list also says that Wanderlei Silva used to work in a bar, but judging from this picture, he also spent time as a live-in nanny, and was beloved by the children for his delicious homemade empanadas.


Did one of your favorite fighters pay the bills through busking, dog-sitting, or providing personal transportation? Let us know in the comments section…