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ESPN’s MMA Live Host Jon Anik Joins UFC Broadcast Team

(Photo courtesy of Ed Mulholland/ESPN)

In an effort to take some of the growing workload off of the backs of color analyst Joe Rogan and play-by-play man Mike Goldberg, the UFC announced today that it has added veteran sportscaster Jon Anik to its broadcast team.

Anik, who has anchored MMA Live since 2008 and hosted several ESPN pre-UFC shows, will be involved with the November 12 Fox broadcast in some capacity and will likely take the reins of commentating duties for the next season’s weekly live broadcast of The Ultimate Fighter on FX among other events.

“We’re very happy to have Jon as part of the team,” UFC president Dana White said after making the announcement at today’s UFC 137 press conference.

“It’s a dream come true. I believe the UFC’s a strong a brand as there is in professional sports, but what really drew me to this organization was the people behind it. I think as strong as this organization is, it’s the people behind it,” the 33-year-old Boston native said Thursday. “It’s a well-oiled machine, I just hope I don’t get in the way. I’m very excited to get started.


Movember Gallery: The Greatest Facial Hair in MMA History

(You can make fun of your opponent’s voice, and you can trash his fighting style. But mock a man’s sideburns, and you’re asking for the worst beating of your life.)

Start sharpening your razors, folks: We’re just eight days away from the official start of Movember! To help get you in the moustache-growing spirit, we’ve put together a photo gallery of our favorite facial hair arrangements in MMA history, which you can check out after the jump.


It’s Back: Check out the New Trailer for “Fear Factor” with Joe Rogan

It been five long years since we’ve been treated to moderately attractive chicks eating African cave dwelling spiders and crashing cars into buildings, but if the trailer for the return of NBC’s Fear Factor says anything, it’s that we are in for some even more clownshit crazy stunts and challenges when it airs December 12th.


Video: Renato Laranja Gives Joe Rogan An Earful About Smoking Weed and Badmouthing Brazil

(Video courtesy of YouTube/TwisterEddie)

Renato Laranja doesn’t take kindly to people dissing his beloved Brazilian homeland, and why should he? The dude is a 27-time Mundials champ.

It doesn’t matter if the guy talking smack about his country is a UFC commentator and the host of Fear Factor. Renato gives Joe Rogan no pass, even if he wants to avoid a face-to-face conflict with the dangerous BJJ black belt, because he “talks a lot of stuffs.”

Laranja has issue with Rogan’s penchant for smoking “the heefer,” because he feels like kids who are fans of his work in the UFC and on TV will start smoking it to emulate Joe.


Friday Afternoon Link Dump

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMAHeat)

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Gallery: 10 GIFS of Joe Rogan Being Awesome

A moving-picture tribute to the UFC’s deep-thinking, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed color-man. More great Joe Rogan gifs after the jump…


Video: Joe Rogan One-On-One With Tito Ortiz

(video courtesy of YouTube/NaturalBornKillerMMA)

Joe Rogan interviewed Tito Ortiz on the latest edition of UFC Insider and let’s just say Tito’s linguistics skills are as good as they’ve ever been.

Let’s break down the less than three-minute interview after the jump, shall we?


Dana White Officially Responds to Joe Rogan Controversy

Joe Rogan Dana White UFC Spike MMA photos
(“This damn knucklehead. Always saying what the rest of us are thinking. Ah, well.“)

If you read Kevin Iole’s follow-up on the Rogan/Hendricks situation that we linked on Friday, you’d know that Dana White initially did his best to avoid the topic altogether. Said DW: “Joe Rogan is an independent contractor and he wrote his opinion. And you are free to write your opinion of Joe Rogan’s opinion.”

White also released a statement on clarifying that Rogan’s UG posts were not sanctioned by anybody but Joe himself, and they weren’t particularly appreciated by the company:

Joe Rogan recently made an offensive statement reflecting a personal opinion that does not represent the UFC in any way. I have addressed this directly with Joe.


So I Guess We’re Not Going to Talk About Joe Rogan Calling a Female MMA Writer ‘Cunty’?

(“Great night of fights, Joe, and I’ll see you next Tuesday.”)

Earlier this week, when the “Rampage motorboating Karyn Bryant” video started to circulate among the MMA blogosphere, our friend Maggie Hendricks at wrote a post about Quinton Jackson‘s history of reporter-abuse, calling for the MMA media to stop playing along with his old, tired act.

Yesterday, the article was posted on the Underground Forum, which led to an avalanche of posters insulting everything from Hendricks’s writing ability, to her physical appearance, to her perceived jealousy of Karyn Bryant. A series of posts from UG member “The Skywalker” summed up the anti-Maggie sentiment:

The act is only old and tired to you because you seem not to like the colorful flirtatious nature of his character in the first place. And again, he isn’t assaulting anyone, he’s staying within the lines and giving them great material so they can get more hits, more ad clicks, and make more money…You try to empower yourself by implying that you have the power to take his stage away, when you know damn well that the fans couldn’t care less about who is holding the microphone. You’re not giving him a stage, he’s giving you a job. If you don’t like it, I’m sure that there are lots of other news outlets that would love (lol) to have your CV on file…


Watch Joe Lauzon Take on a YouTube Commenter

(Video courtesy of YouTube/WoodysGamerTag)

The Internet would be clogged up with a lot less bullshit if commenters and trolls had to eventually meet the guys they talk trash about, especially if the subject of their vitriol were a professional fighter.

The dude above is lucky that he called out Joe Lauzon and not Josh Koscheck, or he might be in a bit more pain. Koscheck once posted a message on his MS page that if anyone talking smack about his fighting prowess wanted to see how good he was, they could come into his American Kickboxing Academy satellite gym and find out.

Here’s a video of a guy who thought he could take the UFC welterweight.

Josh Koscheck Fights a Fan by BaDaBooM80

Kos and J-Lau aren’t the only guys who have answered an Internet challenge.