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The MMA Chain Gang: A Depressing Review of 2011′s Criminal Activities


Most ‘crimes’ in MMA take the form of inept judging and flagrant rule breaking, but this past year many professional fighters were caught up in activities that landed them inside of a very different sort of cage. Get ready for a trip down memory lane in our most depressing “booking roundup” of the year. Here’s your run down of 2011’s biggest arrests, convictions, acquittals, and sentencings.


Fresno MMA Fighter Arrested and Charged With Several Felony Counts in Relation to String of Burglaries

Apparently MMA doesn’t pay if you’re just a regional fighter.

A Fresno, California fighter named John Reedy is facing multiple felony counts including residential burglary and receiving stolen property after neighbors, who witnessed the 29-year-old removing appliances and fixtures from a vacant property Thursday, called police.

According to authorities, Reedy, who fought under the nicknames ”Wild Child” and “Cen-Cal Kid” is responsible for a string of burglaries from vacant residential and construction properties over the past few months, including at least three thefts at the location he was caught robbing this week.