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Ken Shamrock Wants to Stab Us In The Eye With a Pen for Saying It’s Time to Stick a Fork In Him

(Video courtesy of YouTube/FightHype)

Okay, maybe he didn’t name us specifically, but the aging veteran who used to be known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” told that any reporters who think he should walk away from the sport are idiots.

Using an odd analogy that reporters who had never stepped into the cage saying he should call it a career are like if when we’re old the doctors refuse us medicine because they’re saving it for some younger patients. So because doctors have never been old or had a disease like cancer, they aren’t qualified to treat someone who is or diagnose someone who has it? Makes perfect sense.

Instead of proving him right by responding in typical CP style, instead I’ve written an open letter to Ken Shamrock.

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GIF Party: MMA Fail 101

ATTENTION PAUL BUENTELLO: Please do this at Bellator 48.  PLEASE.

“The only great failure in life is the failure to try.” -Some old wise man, probably with a large beard

Fail is sort of like porn. You can’t really define it properly, but you know it when you see it. And brother, we’ve seen some fail watching our favorite sport. It can happen anytime, from walking out to the ring, to celebrating your victory (see above), and anytime between. We here at CagePotato hold MMA and fighters in our highest regard … but we still like to point and laugh every once in a while. Allow us to present to you our first (in what we assume will be many) installment of MMA Fails.

Special thanks go out to anyone and everyone who ever GIF’d a video, including the fine people at UpstandingCitizens, MMA-Core, IronForgesIron, and MMATKO.  Props.

Now let’s get it on!


Technique of the Week: Jonathan Ivey’s Beach-Ball Barrel Roll Against Ken Shamrock

(Props: jgreff2)

As you may recall, UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock scored a rare victory over Jonathan Ivey last month at a USA MMA event in Lousiana. If you’d like to see the full 15-minute battle, the video is currently in our "Fight of the Week" section over on the right. (Scroll down a bit. Yeah, there it is.) The above highlights package from Inside MMA saves you a lot of time by rounding up the important moments, like when Ivey knocks Shammy down, and later when he slaps his own titties and shouts at Ken to bring it on, like an enraged, diabetic Nick Diaz.

But the best moment comes right before the end of the fight when Ivey does a pair of somersaults for no apparent reason; we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was rolling for a kneebar, then dodged out of the way when he couldn’t catch it. Kenny Rice describes it both as a "Rerun impression" and "the dreidel defense." Oy vey, Ivey!

Bonus, after the jump: Jonathan Ivey gets beat up by "very internet savvy" UFC heavyweight Sean McCorkle, at an LFC event in May.


CagePotato Comments of the Week: Sittin’ Sidewayz

Garrett Morris Heard of Hearing Deaf SNL Saturday Night Live Chevy Chase Weekend Update

Bang-up job in the comments section this week, Potato Nation. You’ve inspired us to give away some t-shirts — but whose smart-ass contributions are worthy of being rewarded? Well…


Ken Shamrock Scores Much-Needed Victory Over Jonathan Ivey

Jonathan Ivey MMA fighter
(Ivey scoffs at your ironic tattoos, hipster.

By CagePotato contributor Seth "Lysol" Falvo

Let’s pretend you were in Lafayette, Louisiana last night. Let’s also pretend that you were not at a bar that was showing UFC 120. Odds are that you, like me, were at City Bar at some point. Odds also are that you knew that Ken Shamrock was in town to fight Johnathan Ivey, a 29-42 fighter who has lost to everyone he’s fought that you’ve actually heard of. Fortunately, having a friend who works at the Cajun Dome means not having to sit through it to know how it ends. Unfortunately, writing an article about the fight means actually watching it on Youtube.

Let’s start by pointing out the obvious: Ken Shamrock, as evident by his leg kick submission to Pedro Rizzo in his last outing, is doing just enough to get paid anymore. And I can’t say I blame him. Fighting to pay court fees for your old boss is slightly more motivating than “Because my ex-wife’s boyfriend needs money for an engagement ring” and slightly less motivating than “Because the Cajuns aren’t in town this weekend”. Furthermore, Shamrock weighed in at only 209 pounds for his fight against Ivey. Draw your own conclusions.