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Dream “Super Hulk” Videos: This Is What A Freak Show Looks Like

(Props: MMA TKO)

If you sacrificed sleep to watch Dream.9 or even if you just read our liveblog, you already know what a completely predictable shit-show the “Super Hulk” tournament was.  For the rest of you, behold the glory.  Above is Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi.  Please take note around the 1:30 mark when Michael Schiavello has the balls to call Jose Canseco’s performance up to that point “pretty cerebral.”  That’s the dude in the long pants who’s throwing overhand rights and then turning his back on his opponent that Schiavello is talking about.  Apparently all you have to do to be considered cerebral at the “Super Hulk” tournament is not swallow your tongue.  

More videos after the jump, including a fight between Bob Sapp and Minowaman that has ‘work’ written all over it.  Shocking, I know.