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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

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Farewell, Josh Barnett. We Hardly Knew Ye

(Josh Barnett vs. Don Frye. Worth it for Don’s entrance music alone.)

What do you do when you’re an American pro fighter who’s been caught using steroids for a remarkable third time?  Easy, you go back to Japan where you can do pro wrestling in peace and never have to piss in a cup ever again, except perhaps when the urine samples of celebrities inevitably becomes a hot ticket item among Tokyo businessmen.  

It was just last week that Josh Barnett dashed the hopes and dreams of Affliction with his positive pre-licensing steroid test, and already he has a date with a scripted outcome in the Inoki Genome Federation back in Japan on August 9.  He still hasn’t addressed the issue of his alleged steroid use beyond that one somewhat strangely worded MySpace post, so his decision to head back to the safe confines of unregulated pseudo-sports will probably be interpreted as further evidence of his guilt.