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Josh Barnett Is Following The Post-Positive Steroid Test Playbook to the Letter

Josh Barnett French Vogue
(Forget about Barnett, get me some of whatever that chick is on.)

MMA pariah Josh Barnett emerged from hiding just long enough to release a statement about the positive steroid test that derailed Affliction: Trilogy and lead to the UFC and Strikeforce both gorging themselves on suddenly available fighter contracts.  As you can probably guess, the statement did not include the words, ‘my bad.’  Instead it followed the trajectory we’ve all come to expect with these stories, almost impressively so.  For all you possibly juiced-up aspiring fighters out there, take it from a cagey veteran of the sport.  Here’s what you do when you get busted:

Step 1: Hedge your bets

If you can’t say with absolute certainty that there were no banned substances in your system when you peed in a cup for the athletic commission, you’re going to want to begin your defense by setting up a back-up defense just in case they nail you cold.  That’s what Barnett is doing with this sentence from his official statement: