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Meet James Toney’s Secret Weapon

(Instead of bringing a knife to a gunfight against Couture, Toney’s bringing an unarmed combat instructor)

If you caught the UFC 118 countdown show last night, you were introduced to James Toney’s new trainer, Kenpo karate black belt and hand to hand combat instructor Trevor Sherman.

I was kind of taken aback since the last I had heard Toney was working with the beloved former plaintiff of a CP court case, Juanito Ibarra.

It turns out Ibarra and Toney parted company back in May, and since we can’t afford to defend another frivilous lawsuit after paying for new CP smart cars for Ben and I, we’ll say it was Ibarra’s choice to leave and just leave it at that. It’s not hard to believe, since he’s never been a difficult person to deal with in the past.