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I Guess It’s Good That Junie Browning Can Joke About This Stuff Now?

Yesterday we showed you a Randy Couture spoof video from last weekend’s MMA Awards that depicted the former UFC champ as having an admirable/slightly insensitive ability to joke about his many marital failures.  That seemed all in good fun, and then we saw this one, starring Junie Browning as the world’s worst life coach.  It’s one of those things that’s funny because it’s true — Junie really has managed to screw his life up with impressive speed and efficiency, despite several second chances.  It’s also one of those things that’s uncomfortable because it’s true, and true as of really recently.

It was less than three months ago that Browning was fired from the UFC after being charged with assaulting and threatening to rape the staff of a hospital where he was brought after what appeared to be a suicide attempt.  Now he’s doing funny voices, pretending to be on drugs (that was pretending, right? guys?), and joking about his bi-polar disorder in a video featuring a cameo by would-be local weatherman Dave Farra?  And here we thought things had gotten just about as bad as they could get for "The Lunatic." 

There’s a point at which self-deprecation becomes self-mockery.  It’s hard to say exactly where the line is, but when you are making light of criminal cases that are still pending against you while wearing an ironic D.A.R.E. t-shirt, it’s very possible that you’ve crossed it.


Junie Browning Still Making Things as Hard For Himself as Possible

Junie Browning MMA

Swallowing an entire bottle of Klonopin in a suicide attempt then assaulting three nurses at a hospital and threatening to rape their families — well, that would be a bad day for anybody. But after the dust settled on Junie Browning’s Las Vegas misadventure last month, he was embarassed and apologetic, telling Fighters Only, "I have a lot of problems and I’m working on them…I’m truly sorry for what happened, and if I could take it back I definitely would." So we can put this behind us and move on, right Lunatic?

Not quite. Browning failed to appear in court to answer his battery charges, and now there’s a warrant out for his arrest. ("FOX5 attempted to contact him for an interview, but was met with a profanity-laced recorded message and the calls were not returned.") Terrible timing, considering he has a totally ill-advised fight booked in Indiana on November 28th. Then again, it’s against a 1-0 rookie, so maybe they can get LionHeart Blevins to fill in. Best of luck sorting out your legal issues, Junie. Please, no armed standoffs!


Uh-Oh: Junie Browning Already Has A Fight Booked For November

(Your problem now, Indiana.)

Well, this is probably a bad sign.  Just a week after being fired from the UFC for an assault arrest following what may or may not have been a suicide attempt, Junie Allen Browning is wasting no time getting back into action. The mercurial lightweight reportedly has a bout set for November 28 at MMA Big Show: Onslaught at the Belterra Casino in Florence, Indiana.  Browning will be taking on 1-0 Ohio-based fighter Scott Cornwell, and he’ll be doing it just across the state line from his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

According to MMA Big Show owner/promoter Jason Appleton, who wrote the website article in which he quoted himself, “’I’ve seen Junie fight in Louisville, KY back in the day as an amateur and he always put on a hell of a show. Him and his brother were always fun to watch,’ explains Jason Appleton.”

Yep, we’re just going to act like nothing unusual at all is going on here.  That always works out for the best.


Videos: Junie Browning Apologizes for Freak-Out, Shawn Tompkins Discusses Xtreme Couture Departure

(Props: Fighters Only via MMA Mania)

In his first public statement since being arrested for multiple assaults following an alleged suicide attempt, Junie Browning apologized for whatever went down that night, but suggested, of course, that people don’t know the full story. "Stuff gets a little more complicated than it seems to be when you read it on paper. I have a lot of problems and I’m working on them. That’s just about all I can really say…I’m truly sorry for what happened, and if I could take it back I definitely would." Browning thanked the fans for their support and the UFC for the opportunity he was given, and promised he’ll make it up to everybody one day. Get well soon, Lunatic.

As for Browning’s mentor Shawn Tompkins — who drove Junie to the hospital during his Klonopin bender — the highly respected striking coach is going through some life changes of his own…


Junie Browning Arrested for Assault, Fired From the UFC After Hospital Freak-Out

Junie Browning MMA UFC
(Junie Browning: Ready for the orgy.)

Anybody who watched the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter could tell you that Junie Allen Browning is as crazy as a peach-orchard boar. But after moving to Las Vegas to train full-time, it seemed like "The Lunatic" was slowly going sane. Well, not so much. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal (via CageWriter), Browning was rushed to St. Rose Dominican Hospital on Tuesday night after taking 16 Klonopin pills in an apparent suicide attempt. It was just the beginning of Junie’s troubles:

After being taken to a room at the hospital, the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter tried to leave and became angry, pushing a female nurse, punching a male nurse and kicking another male nurse, the report states.
"Do you know who I am? I will kill you and rape your family," police said he yelled to nurses.
Browning faces three counts of battery on a health care provider, according to his arrest report. He was booked at the Henderson Detention Center, where he was released [yesterday].

UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann — Videos + Bonuses

(Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann)

Last night’s "Condit vs. Kampmann" card brought in a live gate of $626,077, thanks to its 10,267 spectators — which made it the most well-attended Fight Night show in UFC history. $120,000 was re-distributed to the fighters in the form of $30,000 end-of-night bonuses. Taking home the extra cash were…

Fight of the Night: Tyson Griffin and Rafael Dos Anjos, as mentioned earlier. Don’t ask us why their sloppy slugfest got the nod over the technical back-and-forth battle of the main event.

Knockout of the Night: Aaron Simpson’s first-round stoppage of Tim McKenzie in the night’s opening bout turned out to be the only TKO on the card, so he scored the bonus by default.

Submission of the Night: Rob Kimmons earned the bump with his first-round guillotine choke victory over Joe Vedepo, which put Vedepo to sleep for the second time in his short UFC career. It was nice knowing you, buddy.

More videos from the main card after the jump…


The Potato Index: UFC Fight Night 18 Aftermath

(‘No, you let go!’ Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly)

Who’s up and who’s down on this Thursday morning?  Only The Potato Index knows.  Gather ‘round and listen closely as it whispers the answers to you via its arbitrary numerical ratings system.  Shhh, it’s starting…

Martin Kampmann +91

The Dane justified every positive thing that’s been said about him in the past week.  He proved to be well-rounded, resilient, and effective, even if he looked a little gassed in the final round.  If he improves his wrestling skills he could be a contender at 170 pounds.  You can argue the decision if you want, but the only judge who didn’t score it in his favor was Cecil Peoples.  What does that tell you?

Carlos Condit -34

No one wants to debut in the UFC with a loss, but it’s not like he got trampled by some nobody.  Condit acquitted himself well even in defeat, and once he gets a little more comfortable in the UFC he might prove to be a real threat.  He’s going to have to start near the bottom, though.


UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann — Blow by Blow

(Being around all these skinny guys just made Dana want to gorge on buffalo wings even more. Photo courtesy of this set on CombatLifestyle.)

One of the many advantages of living on the East Coast is that these UFC Fight Night thingies are actually broadcast live for us. That may not be the case for some of you in the "flyover states," so check your local listings and maybe come back later if you want to avoid all spoilers. When you’re ready, hit that "Read More" link and refresh the page every few minutes for live updates from the Sommet Center in Nashville. Are you ready to see some local refs ruin some fights? Then let’s DO this!


Update: Jensen/Steinbeiss Canceled, Miller and Browning Put on a Staredown Clinic

(It gets a little heated at the 1:30 mark, and believe it or not it’s Cole Miller who escalates things.)

Those of you who were looking forward to the Steve Steinbeiss/Ryan Jensen fight that you probably weren’t going to see aired on Spike TV anyway are sure going to be…disappointed, I guess?  According to Cage Writer, the fight was scrapped when Jensen tested positive for Adderall, the ADHD drug also known to help fighters who are trying to cut weight or cram for that biology midterm.  So that explains that.

In other Fight Night 18 weigh-in news, check Cole Miller getting all up in Junie Browning‘s business.  It looks like Miller’s mouth is working hard too, though we can only guess what he was saying (something about Junie setting a bad example for the impressionable youth of Kentucky, we assume).  Oddly, Browning is the one who appears to remain calm throughout the encounter.  He even gives Miller a friendly, go-get-em butt slap.  Such a nice boy he turned out to be.  So supportive.


Is Cole Miller Underestimating Junie Browning?

Apparently Cole Miller’s mother never told him that if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, you shouldn’t say anything at all.  Talking to Steve Cofield (it doesn’t get remotely interesting until a little after the six-minute mark), Miller responds to a question about what he thinks of Junie Browning on a technical level by saying: “Nothing.  I don’t think he’s technical at all.”

Miller then goes on to point out that Browning has never tapped out or knocked out anyone who matters, before then comparing him to past opponents like Andy Wang and concluding that Browning is the worst fighter he’s faced in the UFC, next to Allen Berube (ouch!).  

So is Miller right about Browning?  Maybe.  We don’t really know for sure, since all we’ve really seen of him comes from his “Ultimate Fighter” antics and his submission victory over Dave Kaplan, who’s not exactly top-level competition.  But even if he is right, I’m not sure it’s such a great idea to go around talking about how almost-comically bad your next opponent is.  If you manage to get people to believe that he’s one of the worst fighters ever to step into the Octagon, then it’s not enough to just beat him.  You have to beat him quickly and effortlessly, otherwise you look like a punk.