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Crazy Enough to Be True: Ten Wild MMA Predictions for 2013

(You see, kids, this is why we don’t break the fourth rule of Project Mayhem. Photo via Complex)

By Jason Moles

As is customary, nay tradition, around these parts, we’re hitting the eggnog early and often this week — thus, the obligatory Top 10 list to close out another year in the world of mixed martial arts. It’s not all fluff, though: Last year we predicted a champion would test positive for a banned substance and Brock Lesnar would retire. Not bad, huh? So grab a seat while we break out the crystal ball and see what 2013 has in store for us.

1.) Showtime stays in the MMA biz, will announce deal with Invicta FC and others.

MMA is just too popular to completely wash your hands of. Showtime may finally be done with Strikeforce, but that only means they’re now free to partner up with the likes of all-female Invicta FC or the World Series of Fighting, both of which could be looking for more permanent homes after their early success in 2012. Don’t let the Invicta PPV news fool you; they can’t win that battle. No matter who inks the deal, expect Showtime to counter-program at least one UFC event.

2.) A Ronda Rousey loss brings about the swift execution of women’s MMA in the UFC.


Video Proof That Justin Bieber Has Made a Fist at Least Once in His Life

(“Hit it? How about I just dance around it and lip-sync?”)

I don’t know why people feel the need to constantly lump Justin Bieber in with the sport of MMA, but even if you can’t stand the pigeon-chested pubescent Canadian, his latest fighting-related project may not be so bad.


GIFs of the Day: Overeem Shows Off His Sweet Dance Moves in a Shoe Store

(Exhibit ‘A’ in Alistair’s NYE face-pushing trial.)

Sometimes words don’t do a video the justice a slightly sped-up looped graphics interchanged format photo mash-up does, so why even bother?

Instead we’ve thrown together a few random GIFs of Alistair Overeem breaking out his sweet dance moves in a shoe store with a Justin Bieber and a “Kid” Yamamoto lookalike. Nothing bizarre about that, right? Pretty much every MMA champ has done it.

Check out the awesomeness after the jump.


Crazy Enough to Be True: Ten Wild MMA Predictions for 2012

(“I appreciate the recognition, but really, this award belongs to CagePotato. Get up here, guys.”)

By Jason Moles

This time last year, I gave you a list of predictions that really created a stir. I boasted that the UFC would host an event in Mexico and be legalized in New York. Man, was I ever wrong about that. I apologize. But I also said that Dana White would coin a new phrase, land a network TV deal and that a famous athlete would cross over into the world of mixed martial arts. Not bad, eh? 2012 is quickly approaching so get the champagne on ice and let’s get to those wild predictions…

1. FOX will reprimand Dana White for his inevitable off-handed comments.

Faggot“, “f*cking retarded”, “dumb bitch” — these are all things that have been uttered by the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White. The UFC may be MMA’s pinnacle and FOX’s diamond in the rough, but if the promotion is ever to secure a spot in the mainstream, it needs to display more control over its mouthpiece and his tongue. Advertisers tend to frown upon such public displays of hostility and bigotry. When Uncle Dana slips again and gives someone an earful, you can be certain that it won’t go unpunished as it has in the past. This goes for you too, Rogan and Rashad.

2. A champion will test positive for a banned substance.


Video: Anderson Silva Kills It in New Brazilian Ford Commercial

(Video courtesy of YouTube/StocktonHeyBuddy)

Anderson Silva continues to be MMA’s busiest  one-man marketing machine.”The Spider” appears in the latest commercial by Ford Brazil (above) and he puts on a pretty entertaining performance.


And the Hits Keep Coming for ‘The Spider’: Snoop Dogg Latest Celebrity That Wants to Hang With Silva

(Video courtesy of YouTube/westfesttv)

Just like with everything else in life, celebrities seem to all be copping a move right out of Justin Bieber’s playbook when it comes to cross-promotion by publicly calling for a piece of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s time.

You may recall that Anderson joined the alleged 17-year-old baby-maker (the infant type, not the song) onstage during a recent concert and followed up the appearance with a head-scratching choreographed dance routine he performed on a Brazilian television show. Well, Snoop recognized the potential marketing cash cow of the team-up and has extended an offer for Anderson to join him on tour.

“Wat up, though? This is big Snoop Dogg. Anderson Silva, man, come hang out with yo’ boy Snoop Dogg, man. You just won a new championship belt,” Snoop explained. “Come bring it to the show so I can show you mine and we can mix and match and put some of that….in the air.”


Video: Anderson’s Bieber Fever Is Making Him F*cking Nuts

(Video courtesy of YouTube/filhomarquess)

When Anderson Silva appeared onstage during a recent Justin Bieber concert in Rio de Janeiro, we all just chalked it up to “The Spider” being an expert at creating cross-promotional opportunities, but we’re seriously starting to have our doubts about our theory.


Damn, Not Him Too: Anderson Silva Has Bieber Fever

(Call it a hunch, but somehow we don’t think ‘The Biebs’ has ever been in a fight.)

Anderson Silva lived out the fantasy of millions of pre-pubescent teen girls around the world last night when he spent some alone time with Justin Bieber before the teen pop star’s concert in Rio de Janeiro.


‘Punch Buddies’ Photoshop Contest: Surely, You Can Do Better Than This

Justin Bieber Melvin Guillard UFC photoshop
(This is the current front-runner. Seriously. This. / Props: Jeffrey T.)

Guys, we need to talk. Last week we launched a photoshop contest with Punch Buddies, asking our readers to brainstorm some other folks who need to feel the wrath of Melvin Guillard. Man is it not going well. After the jump, you’ll find four more recent submissions. These include: Two examples of Melvin dealing with folks who are already dead (classy!), Rupert Murdoch palming Melvin’s head like a basketball (not exactly what we’re going for here), and a photo-collage that looks like it was created by an insane person. So if you want a Punch Buddies Young Assassin shirt, it won’t take much effort to steal this thing. Please e-mail your entries to by Thursday night. Good luck.


Video: Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley ‘Highlights’, Such as They Are

If you missed Manny Pacquiao‘s latest performance on Saturday night, well, you didn’t miss much. The boxing megastar defended his WBO welterweight title by unanimous decision against “Sugar” Shane Mosley, in a bout that was marked by a disappointing lack of action. It’s not suprising that this CBS Sports highlight reel starts at the end of the 10th round. The only notable moments before that were a knockdown that Pacquiao scored in the 3rd frame — which seemed to convince Mosley to quit engaging altogether — and a trip/shove by Mosley earlier in the tenth that the referee decided to rule a knockdown, just to keep things interesting. Nevertheless, two of the judges ignored the ref’s bad call and gave every round to Pacquiao.

As we told y’all on Friday, the Pacquaio/Mosley match was Gus Johnson’s final play-by-play gig for Showtime, and he made sure to trot out his diverse range of knowledge. At the 0:52 mark: “He kinda throws, in the MMA world, it’s a version of the ‘Superman’ punch.” GuJo‘s just keeping the chops sharp until the UFC comes calling, I guess.

After every mechanical victory by Pacquiao over an outmatched opponent, our thoughts always turn to Floyd Mayweather Jr., and what he might be up to right now. Well, get a load of this…