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Justice is Served: Fighter Who Scored TKO After Being Choked Unconscious Has Win Overturned to NC

A few months ago, we ran a story about the above fight between Justin Kristie and David Baxter at Warrior Nation XFA 3, in which Kristie choked Baxter unconscious as the first round buzzer rang only to have Baxter be revived by the ringside physicians and allowed to continue, ultimately resulting in an unbelievable second round TKO win for Baxter. And while the events that transpired were oddly humorous on a surface level (you know, in a David Carradine sort of way), there was no denying that a serious injustice had been carried out before our very eyes.

Well Nation, you will be happy to know that the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission recently overturned Baxter’s victory to a no contest. It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Baxter, but in reality, he should just be thankful that he walked away from the whole ordeal without the loss he deserved. Unfortunately, the referee who allowed this fight to continue was not taken behind a barn and beaten senseless with a mahogany cane, which is the real travesty here.

Do you agree with the athletic commissions call, Potato Nation?

-J. Jones


Insane Fight of the Day: Fighter Taps Out, Passes Out, Scores Second Round TKO

If a botched call is generally known as a “Mazzagati,” then this referee just earned the Pornstache Lifetime Achievement Award for this epic flub. Passed along to us by none other than KarmaAteMyCat, the above video depicts what may be the worst referee blunder in the history of MMA. Sound impossible? Prepare to have your puny minds blown.

The event was Warrior Nation XFA III. The day was April 20th. In a preliminary 135 lb contest, Justin Kristie made his amateur debut against fellow rookie David Baxter. You can watch most of the first round if you’d like, but we recommend that you skip to the 4:13 mark, where, with ten seconds remaining, Kristie locks in a tight triangle. Baxter either throws some open palm strikes, or in our opinion, appears to tap with five seconds remaining. The ref doesn’t react, a pattern that will become disturbingly apparent in the very near future, so Kristie promptly chokes Baxter the fuck out as the bell sounds.

This is where things take a turn into the truly bizarre.