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Hot Potato: 7 Photos From Kenda Perez’s New Egotastic Shoot

Sigh…we just can’t help lovin’ Kenda Perez. has released an exclusive photo-set of the foxy Best of PRIDE hostess, and we cherry-picked the best shots for your viewing pleasure. Check ‘em out in the gallery after the jump, along with two bonus shots from her 2012 calendar. Show Kenda some love on twitter @kendaperez.

Thanks to BabesofMMA for the tip!


Hot Potato: Kenda Perez, Bare-Ass Naked for Maxim UK [PHOTOS]

Kenda Perez Maxim UK photos nude
(Full gallery is after the jump.)

Props to BabesofMMA for giving us the heads-up about Kenda Perez‘s glorious new photo-shoot for Maxim UK, in which the Best of PRIDE host gets tastefully nude. Check out the pics below, along with some recent highlights from Kenda’s Facebook page.


Photo of the Day: Kenda Perez Is ‘Extremely Passionate’, Quite Attractive

Kenda Perez Fight Magazine August 2011 photos scans pictorial UFC black bikini
(Props: FightMagazine via MMAFix)

Best of PRIDE host Kenda Perez has a new pictorial in Fight! Magazine, featuring a solid front-runner for ‘Hot MMA Chick Photo of the Year’. My goodness. Pick up the August 2011 issue of Fight! to see more, and follow Kenda’s life on Twitter. Another highlight from Kenda’s latest magazine shoot is after the jump…


The 11 Greatest MMA Ring Girl Videos of All Time

UFC ring girls Chandella Arianny Brittney photos videos MMA ring girl videos
(They’re even better when you add motion and sound. Props:

As you’re well aware, CagePotato is a passionate supporter of professional hot chicks. But instead of throwing another photo gallery at you this week, we thought we’d switch it up and pay tribute to the best MMA ring girl videos we’ve ever come across. If we’ve left out one of your favorites, please post a link in the comments section. Enjoy…

#11: Rachelle Leah Gets Surprised in Her Hotel Room

Gratuitous semi-nudity is the best kind of semi-nudity. Damn, nice abs.

#10: Ali Sonoma and Arianny Celeste Shoot for Muscle Pharm

Ali Sonoma is another UFC Octagon Girl Hall of Famer, and she’s never looked better than in this clip. When you see the photographer start to drone on and on, just skip to 2:37 for more Ali.


’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ — Quarterfinal Results and Semi-Final Matchups

Kenda Perez Brittney Palmer hottest MMA ring girls
(This bracket ain’t big enough for the both of ‘em. Photo courtesy of

Ladies and gentlemen — but mostly gentlemen, we’re assuming — your votes have been tabulated, and we’re proud to announce the winners of our “2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix” quarterfinals. Read on to see who has advanced to the Final Four, and come back tomorrow afternoon to start voting on the semi-finals.

For round-of-16 results, click here.


’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ Voting: The Quarterfinals

Hottest Women in MMA 2011 quarterfinals bracket photos photo gallery
(To see the original round-of-16 bracket, click here.)

It’s true — we lost a lot of good women on Tuesday. But thanks to your votes, eight lovely ladies remain, and they need your help to advance to the semi-finals.

In case you’re new here, the instructions are simple: Cast a vote for your favorite MMA hottie in each of the four polls, with the help of the photographic evidence we’ve provided. Hit the “next page” link when you’re done with each poll. If you don’t see the poll widget under each pairing of girls, please refresh your browser or try a different one. Any questions, let us know in the comments section. We’ll collect the results and announce the winners next Thursday.

You ready? Then let’s get it on…


’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ — Opening Round Results and Quarterfinal Matchups

Corissa Furr Kelli Hutcherson Strikeforce ring girls
(ReX13 would like to sincerely apologize for any awkwardness our thoughtless Pool B seeding may have caused.)

After collecting nearly 25,000 (!) votes over the last week, we’re ready to reveal the winners of our “Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix” round-of-16. Read on to see the results for the four Pool A matchups, then hit the “next page” link to see which four ladies survived Pool B. And please come back on Thursday for the start of the quarterfinal round!


’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ Voting: Round-of-16, Pool A

(Who’s in the mood for a popularity contest based on the most superficial criteria possible?)

The big dance begins today, ladies and gentlemen. Our quest to crown 2011′s Hottest Woman in MMA kicks off after the jump with the first half of the round-of-16, plus a bonus vote to determine the Wild Card spot in Pool B. (We won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that one of the competitors has an adorable South African accent, one of them is occasionally referred to as “the beautiful” by Mike Goldberg, and one has a cartoonishly huge ass.)

Here’s what to do: With the help of the photographic aids we’ve provided below, cast your vote for your favorite lady in each of the five polls; hit that ”next page” link when you’re done with each one. Any questions, let us know in the comments section, and be sure to come back on Friday to decide the other half of the Grand Prix round-of-16.

Note: If you don’t see the poll widget under each pairing of girls, please refresh your browser, or switch to one that doesn’t suck. And please forgive the janky formatting on pages 2 and 4; not sure what’s up with that. Now let’s go to work…


Hot Potato: Kenda Perez Photos for UFC Magazine

Kenda Perez UFC magazine photos pictures scans aug/sept issue
(Click all for larger versions)
Kenda Perez UFC magazine scans photos MMA girls sexy Kenda Perez UFC magazine photo gallery scans pics best of pride host MMA girls Kenda Perez UFC magazine gallery photos best of pride wet t-shirt Kenda Perez UFC best of pride magazine photos aug/sept ring girls gallery

In a word: Niiiiiiiiiice. Foxy "Best of Pride" host Kenda Perez lent her talents to the Aug/Sept issue of UFC Magazine, which you can pick up on newsstands now. Follow Kenda on Twitter, and check out more great photos on her MySpace and Facebook pages.


Hot Potato: ‘Best of PRIDE’ Host Kenda Perez

Kenda Perez Maxim PRIDE model
(Photo courtesy of Maxim.)

With Spike TV’s The Best of Pride Fighting Championships set to kick off next Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT (edit: premiere date has been changed to Friday, January 15 at 10 pm), it’s time to get acquainted with the show’s foxy host, Kenda Perez. Born in Laguna Beach, California, the Mexican-American model began drawing attention in 2007, when she earned a finalist spot in Maxim‘s "’Hometown Hotties" competition. Kenda has represented Maxim at various promotional events, once guest-starred on 1 vs. 100 as an ambassador for the mag, and has become a familiar face in the crowd at UFC events. You can learn more about Kenda at her official site, and follow her life on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. Lots more pics — plus a rather-amazing video of Kenda turning herself into an ice-cream sundae — await you after the jump…