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Kenny Florian Talks Greasy Texts, DNA Testing, and How He’s Going to Beat B.J. Penn

Kenny Florian

For this week’s column I spoke with Kenny Florian about his upcoming title fight against B.J. Penn at UFC 101, and of course we also had to discuss exactly what role he played in the whole Greasegate saga.  As always, Florian proves to be one of MMA’s most articulate and self-aware fighters, and he also knows he’s got one hell of a challenge in front of him on August 8.  Check out what Florian had to say about Penn’s strengths and weaknesses, what it means to fight for a UFC title, and more below.

I think every fighter I’ve talked to before a fight with B.J. Penn always mentions something about wearing him down and making him quit.  Is that in your gameplan?  Do you think you have to make B.J. quit before you can beat him?

I’m not sure.  I’m not sure I really believe that you have to break B.J. mentally or make him quit.  I think the key is challenging every aspect of his game and making him make those little mistakes, those little errors.  People tend to look at B.J. like he’s this god and he doesn’t make mistakes, like you just can’t beat him on the technical level.  I feel you can beat him at the technical level.