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UFC 101: Livebloggin’ the Declaration

Kenny Florian UFC 101
(Kenny Florian gives a nod to the heavens as if to say, ‘Look out, deceased sports stars.  I’m about to send you a new roommate.’ Photo courtesy

With Shane Nelson/Aaron Riley pushed to the pay-per-view portion and the jail cells at the Wachovia Center presumably already filled to the brim, we are primed and ready to bring you UFC 101 results and fairly obvious observational humor.  The question is, you ready for this?  If the answer is yes, hit that ‘Read more’ button, playa.  If no, then move along and go back to Googling various combinations of “adorable kittens” over and over again, like any other Saturday night.  The rest of us will be booing along with the Philly fans.

Let’s do it.  Remember to hit refresh often, cause this train is only gaining steam.