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Week in Review: Little James Lipton

(I know this picture has nothing to do with MMA. Still, it amuses me.)

Our latest caption contest produced over a hundred new variations of “Kevin Federline sucks.” Well done.

Bob Meyrowitz dodged our questions, much like the fighters of YAMMA will have to dodge the laser-firing sharks in his Mystery Pit.

A female member of the Gracie clan was discovered. Bonus: She’s hot!

— We scored our first celebrity endorsement, who provided us with the greatest slogan in history.

— The UFC has more cases than Howie Mandel.

Frank Shamrock stopped by, and revealed that he’ll be retiring in 2018. We’ll start planning the party.

— Tickets to UFC 83 were going, going, gone. Hey, we didn’t want to be there anyway. :’ (

— Some fighters are even dumber than they look.

— The Potato Nation proved their allegiance, rising up when a misguided, microphallic BloodyElbow fan named “MrTypo” wandered in and threatened to unbookmark us from his web browser. Somehow, MrTypo found his way back to this site even without the bookmark. For that sir, you deserve our undying admiration. Now get the fuck out of here and never come back.

As for the rest of you: Have a bomb-ass weekend, and make sure to swing by on Sunday for our exclusive interview with MMA Super-Agent Ken Pavia, and next week for more guaranteed insanity.


‘Iceman’ Caption Contest II: Big Winners!!!


For the second week in a row, you’ve proven your dedication to the noble cause of winning free shit. Last week’s Chuck Liddell caption contest took in 100 entries. This week: 102. Progress! Before we name the four (!) people who won signed copies of Iceman: My Fighting Life, let’s take a moment to recognize the runners-up:

SikSik6: In today’s press release, Liddell announced that he will be changing his nickname from “The Iceman” to “The Douche Magnet.”

darylo: Chuck n Cheesy
[Ed. note: Great. Now I have a craving for ball-pits.]

totaldb: The Liddelerline’s first night out
[Ed. note: Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like TomKat or Bennifer, does it?]


K-fed: ay dawg its some fine ass breezies round hurr put it in the browntown from downtown
Chuck: *snorts a line,nods*
[Ed. note: We're suckers for stage-directions.]

And now the winners…


Chuck Liddell Caption Contest II: The Odd Couple


You guys killed it last week — let’s see how you do with this photo of Chuck with notable backup-dancer/sperm-donor Kevin Federline. The two CagePotato readers who produce the best captions will score signed copies of Chuck Liddell’s badass new memoir, Iceman: My Fighting Life, courtesy of Dutton Books. Submit your entries in the comments section and check back on Friday as we announce the winners. Come on…do it for Sean Preston and Jayden.