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Keyboard Warriors #4: How Do You Solve a Problem Like A. Silva?

Panic reigns supreme at UFC headquarters in the aftermath of Anderson Silva’s destruction of the strongest middleweight in the world. Dana White has been asking the same question for hours: NOW who do we put in front of Silva?

In a late-night spitballing session, Dana puts his question to his closest friends and confidants, hoping to devise a title defense that would actually be competitive. But while brainstorming can lead to bizarre, innovative ideas, Dana is unprepared for what sleep deprivation and caipirinhas have done to Joe Silva…

Ok, this is totally fake and i made it all up. There, you’ve been warned.

Come on in past the jump (if you dare), and check out the return of Keyboard Warriors. Props to Brandon Stroud over at WithLeather for coming up with a fun concept, but he doesn’t help write any of the jokes — blame those on me.



Rampage & Suga: Keyboard Warriors IRL

…and that was the moment that they realized that your momma jokes would no longer suffice.

While I was busy spending six hours with Twitter yesterday, I saw that Rampage and Rashad were jawing at one another again.

(That’s right, i spotted this completely on my own, and CP regular MyFightWiffaCheeto had nothing to do with it. If he says different, i’ll feud with him on Twitter until the whole internet takes sides and someone is embarrassed for life. Your move, Cheeto.)

While most of us assumed that much of the trash talking between these two in the leadup to their fight at UFC 114 was manufactured for The Ultimate Fighter and the pay per view main event, i tend to believe that these two really don’t like one another.

Read on to find out something about Rashad you probably didn’t know (and now will never forget), witness his attempt at squashing the beef with Rampage in order to focus on common enemy Jon Jones, and watch how quickly things go downhill.

Once you’re done snickering, leave us a comment: who had their feeling hurt first?

**NOTE: I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THIS UP. This is an actual conversation that pretty much illustrates that you can’t make up things that are funnier than real life.**



Keyboard Warriors #3: The Ream

If you missed Keyboard Warriors Monday, hey thanks. Nice to know someone actually appreciates all I do to entertain you jerkfaces. For the rest of you: hey guess what i did?

Yup, prepare yourselves for KBW #3! In the aftermath of the weekend’s Strikeforce action, Dana takes the time to address the heavyweights, evaluate their performances, and fill them in on his short terms plans. And his long term plans. Say what you will, but Big Daddy White dreams big, son.

If you are interested in 100% made up conversations between characters that are mostly fabrications, come on in and enjoy. Feel free to comment your little hands off. If you don’t like comedy … well, i’ve got nothing for you.

Why do you keep coming here again?

As always, thanks to Christopher and those jokers at WithLeather.



Keyboard Warriors: No Suit For Tito

Happy Monday, Nation. We hope you had a good weekend. No, really, we hope you’re in a good mood, since we’re presenting the second installment of Keyboard Warrior. Hopefully everyone had naked funtime last night, slept like a baby, and had a great breakfast this morning. Otherwise, we imagine there will be lots of very not-nice things in the comments.

We’ve changed up the appearance of KBW, making it look more like a typical MMA forum, complete with the kind of critical information any Keyboard Warrior should have for important discussion, like join date and number of posts. Maybe now it won’t seem like we’re blatantly ripping off other peoples’ ideas.

You can read the first episode here (all two pages of it), check out number two, and then you’re welcome to leave suggestions, ideas, and odes to our greatness below.

Thanks again to WithLeather and @MrBrandonStroud for letting us blatantly rip off their ideas.



Behold: Keyboard Warriors #1

Potato Nation, sometimes it’s hard to entertain you. Frankly, there are some weeks we hope that War Machine stabs a dude during pre-release just because there’s no real news. There’s only so many ridiculous KO videos to go around, you know?

That is not, however, the reason you’ll find us posting an entertainment piece that is (mostly) fiction. Nope, that’s got nothing to do with it.

Truth is, one of you suggested we try our hand at an MMA version of “The Dugout” over on WithLeather. If you dig sports in general, chances are you’ve seen some of their work. If not, allow us to turn you on.

Long story short, we reached out to Brandon Stroud over there, and offered to exchange links if he would let us play with his toys. He’s a cool guy, so we went to work. Check out WithLeather, play nice, and, if you’re interested, come on in for the first mega-sized edition of CagePotato’s new exclusive feature: Keyboard Warriors.

Special thanks to Brandon and justchris/lenny/something. Enjoy!