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Kind-of-Disturbing Video of the Day: Small Child Knocked Out Cold in Muay Thai Match

(YOU LITTLE SHIT, YOU JUST COST ME 1,000 BAHT! / Video courtesy of via TheUG)

The morality of children fighting for sport (both here and abroad) has given us plenty of opportunities for debate over the years. In Thailand, no such debate exists. Little kids fight Muay Thai, and that’s the way it is.

Still, it’s always a little unsettling for us American non-sociopath-types to see a child kicked unconscious, which is what happens around the 1:59 mark of the video above. The referee’s position actually blocks the impact from our view, but the aftermath — in which the losing fighter in the blue gloves is motionless on his back for about 15 seconds — suggests that he got seriously rattled. For what it’s worth, the YouTube page identifies the winner as “Baby Muay Thai fighter Pee,” and calls it a KO via body kick. Congrats, Pee.

Look, I know this is how things are done over there, but just because something is tradition, doesn’t mean it’s sacred. Kiddie Muay Thai knockouts — good or bad for humanity? Call 1-888-CAGE-TATO right now and let us know how you feel. Or just use the comments section.


Outrageous News of the Day: Man Who Cornered 12-Year-Old Son At One of His Illegal Events Is Alabama’s First Licensed MMA Promoter

By Mike Russell

(Nothing like a shady promoter profiting off of the blood, sweat and tears of fighters.)

Last year when a video began circulating of a pair of eight year olds competing in a three-round grappling exhibition in a cage during the intermission of a UK-based MMA event, the Internet exploded with outrage from pundits and fans of the sport.

Widespread worldwide media coverage of the match prompted the police in Lancashire, England where the event took place to launch an investigation into whether or not any laws were broken by the promoter. They ruled that the event was not illegal and that the boys were never in any harm and as unsettling as seeing two pre-pubescent youths competing in a cage meant for men was, since they were only basically having a no-gi grappling match no charges were ever laid.

It’s too bad that Alabama authorities aren’t as thorough.

On July 30, 2011 in Priceville, Alabama a local karate school owner by the name of Robert Clairday held an underground event in which two 12-year-olds actually fought inside a ramshackle homemade cage.

One of the kids, Christian Echols, is the son of Ray Echols – Clairday’s business partner in his gym, Fear None MMA, who also helped promote the rogue event that was held at Morgan County Celebration Arena — a dirt floor horse arena.

(Video courtesy of YouTube/EcholsRazorRay)


And the Idiotic Idea of the Week Award Goes to…UK MMA Promoter Who Let Kids Grapple on His MMA Card

(Video courtesy of SunNews)

We’ve been getting a ton of emails about this story out of the UK this weekend about the “nine-year-olds cage fighting,” so we figured we should weigh in on the controversy.

During a small local MMA event held at the Greenlands Labour Club in Lancashire, England Saturday night, two nine-year-old boys competed in a 10-minute grappling exhibition in which one of the boys defeated the other when the officials called an end to the bout after the opening round after a kneebar sub attempt appeared to injure one of the kids. Doctors checked both contestants afterwards, and besides a bruised ego sustained by the loser, his leg was fine.

Since the bout, the media has been on a heyday blasting everyone involved in what they’ve termed a “spectacle” including the show’s promoters, the boys’ parents and those who cheered them on from the crowd.