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Interview: Kimbo Slice Talks TUF 10, Ray Mercer, Rampage Jackson, + More

Kimbo Slice Ultimate Fighter

Because we have no regard for his safety or well-being, Cage Potato sent freelance writer Brian Dermody to Kimbo Slice’s big media day at the Fighthouse Gym in New York City on Friday afternoon.  He returned a little shaken and admitted that ever since his visit with Slice he now sits down to pee, but the point is he made it back and he actually remembered to conduct an interview while he was there.  Since the last time we sent a freelancer out on an interview she ended up being sexually assaulted on film, this is pretty much the best possible outcome we could have hoped for.

Below, check out what Kimbo had to say about how weed and sex factor into his fight preparation, what he thinks of Ray Mercer’s recent MMA-bashing, and whether tapping out is still for bitches. Nobody’s seen you fight in over a year. What are you bringing into TUF 10 that we haven’t seen before?

You gotta watch the show, man, to really see anything about me. But anyone who knows me, knows anything about me, (knows) when I come to work I come to work. Fighting is what I do, and I come to fight.

We saw the preview and as soon as you walk through the door, Rampage Jackson says ‘That’s my guy”. How’d that make you feel?