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“The clean version or the unclean version?”

Last night’s episode of ESPN: 360 included a profile on urrybody’s favorite street-brawler-turned-MMA-contender, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson. If you’re already a fan of Kimbo, you won’t find too much new information in the segment’s broad strokes, but check out the video below to learn about Kimbo’s first street fight, his tough times in the wake of Hurricane Andrew, and the origins of his life as an Internet star. As the clip reveals, Ferguson’s long-term contract with EliteXC pays him “more than six-figures a fight” (which translates to over $5,000 per second in his last match against Bo Cantrell, King of the Tomato Cans). Also, Tito Ortiz thinks Kimbo would get “crushed within seconds” against the level of competition in the UFC. Big words from a man who knows he’ll never be in the same weight class as the guy he’s talking shit about…

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Daily Leftovers…


— Dana White and Randy Couture have a dinner date on Tuesday to discuss Couture’s future with the UFC.

— Kimbo Slice says he will likely fight at EliteXC’s next event, which takes place in February. Though it’s mentioned nowhere in the story, MMAFightline uses its headline to throw in a completely unfounded rumor about Tank Abbott. That’s what we like to call “aggressive journalism.”

HDNet Fights’ next event will be on December 15th in Dallas. The 10-fight card — named “Reckless Abandon” (!) — will feature bouts between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Sean Salmon, and Frank Trigg against Edwin Dewees.

— Carlos Newton and Maurice Smith are out as IFL coaches.

— The first date on Amy Winehouse’s new tour didn’t go so well.


Bo Cantrell Loses in Spectacular Fashion to Someone Not Named Kimbo

Remember when we told you that Kimbo Slice’s opponent for EliteXC: Renegade had been changed from Mike Bourke to Bo Cantrell, and that Cantrell had recently become infamous as the second consecutive guy that Brad Imes submitted by gogoplata? Well, we finally have the video of the Imes/Cantrell fight. Check it out below, and notice how Cantrell looks like a completely different fighter compared to his laughable non-performance against Kimbo. He quickly drops the much-taller “Hillbilly Heartthrob” to the mat with a barrage of punches, and tries to finish the fight early with some relentless ground-and-pound. But Imes manages to keep his composure and ends up choking Cantrell out with his shin. It’s a crazy world. Too bad EliteXC didn’t put Kimbo up against Imes…


Kimbo Slice drops Bo Cantrell “Like Names at a Hollywood Party”

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson is an intimidating son-of-a-bitch. Still, there’s no excuse for what happened Saturday night at EliteXC: Renegade. Kimbo’s “opponent,” Bo Cantrell — a late replacement for the injured Mike Bourke — came into the fight completely psyched out, and after a couple of glancing shots from Kimbo, he dropped to the mat and started tapping for mercy. You have to watch the video to see just how pussified it was:


EliteXC X-Girl Tanya Kaufmann Sez…

“Don’t forget to watch Kimbo Slice tear some poor cracker apart on Showtime tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET/PT!”


Will do, Tanya. By the way, you’re easily the hottest Jewish girl we’ve seen all week…


Bas Rutten Reprises His Greatest Hits

Courtesy of Holy crap, this fight is only five days away!


“A guy put me in an armbar, you gotta break that shit off.”

kimbo n tank

EliteXC held a conference call yesterday to discuss their upcoming “Renegade” event, with live events president Gary Shaw and fighters Kimbo Slice, KJ Noons and Jake Shields in attendance. (The audio is here; dig that funky hold music.)

Obviously, the call belonged to Kimbo. Give this guy a few years and he’ll be operating on Tyson-esque levels of verbal entertainment/insanity. Some of his highlights:

[On training with Bas Rutten]: “Every aspect of my training has improved. My whole life has improved. I don’t even smoke any more. I haven’t had sex in four months. I haven’t had a cocktail in five, six months. So I’m pretty pure and backed up, and I’m ready to fight. My focus is on point. I’m accurate. I know how to use my power. My wind is outstanding. I’m ready for anything coming my way. My groundwork is superb. I’m an all?around fighter. I’m no longer one?dimensional. I’m not going to stand there and bang. Working with Bas, that’s like, man, he’s like the Jimmy Johnson, the John Madden of [MMA].”


Kimbo Slice’s First EliteXC Opponent Swapped, As If It Matters

Mike “The Rhino” Bourke, the 8-11-1 patsy that was scheduled to be obliterated by Kimbo Slice at the 11/10 EliteXC Renegade event in Corpus Christi, TX, has dropped off the card. Five Ounces reported today that Bourke broke his clavicle during a training session on Sunday, and was forced to pull out of the match. EliteXC has now confirmed that Kimbo’s new opponent at the event will be Bo “Redrum” Cantrell, an equally can-like 10-10-0 fighter who became a part of history on Saturday as the second consecutive guy that Brad Imes submitted by gogoplata.

Man, Elite is really hedging their bets on this one. Are they so insecure about Kimbo’s ability that they won’t put him up against a fighter with a winning record? MMA fans want to see Kimbo in an exciting fight, where he’s challenged, and they’re not going to get it this time. I couldn’t find any decent videos of Mike Bourke or Bo Cantrell in action, so here’s a Kimbo Slice highlight reel that you’ve probably already watched a dozen times. Wonderful.

(Still, that part at 0:41-0:44 where Kimbo lets the dude haul off and hit him in the face will never get old…)


MMA Fan Has Way Too Much Time On Hands

Iditotic? Yes. But you gotta love those crude-yet-somehow-dead-on caricatures of Kimbo and Fedor.

[Kimbo Slice vs. Mark Hunt]

[Fedor Emelianenko vs. Gabriel Gonzaga]

Come on, that’s absolutely charming!