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Correction: This is the Greatest Knockout Ever

Many of you disagreed with our description of yesterday’s cartwheel kick knockout as “the greatest KO ever.”  Yeah, we weren’t totally serious about that (ever heard of hyberbole?), but our good friend Matt Brown, editor of Fight! Magazine, took issue with it and sent us the above video to demonstrate what a truly amazing knockout looks like.

These two midgets pull out all the stops in this kickboxing bout, and as you can tell the announcer (is that you, Frank Trigg?) is loving it. So is this yet another sign of the impending apocalypse?  Maybe.  But we prefer to think of it as a sign that Matt Brown is a weirdo.  Don’t worry though, he insists that he only stumbled across the video by accident while searching for midget porn.

After the jump, Kimo Leopoldo is out of jail and breaking bricks with his head.  Is that more or less bizarre than the midgets?  You decide.


Kimo Leopoldo Arrested for Methamphetamine Possession

Kimo Leopoldo UFC MMA
(Photo courtesy of Knucklepit.)

2009 is turning out to be a blockbuster year for MMA fighters fooling around and falling in jail. First we had Josh Neer arrested for hit-and-run/DUI. Then Jeff Monson was thrown in the pokey for grandfather clock abuse. Then War Machine got himself placed under citizen’s arrest at the gay club where he works. (Man, that gets funnier every time we write it.) And now it’s Kimo Leopoldo, the UFC old-timer and dark-horse candidate for CSAC executive officer. If you guessed "drug-related," congratulations, you are smarter than a fifth grader. TMZ, as usual, breaks it:

He’s kicked the crap out of all sorts of UFC fighters, but now Kimo Leopoldo is battling a serious drug charge.
TMZ has learned the famously tatted MMA badboy was arrested by Tustin police Monday afternoon after they spotted the 6’3", 235 lb fighter wearing a Long Beach Police Dept. jumpsuit, complete with patches and a cloth badge — a badge only cops are allowed to wear. The officers — the real officers — then searched Kimo’s ride, where they claim to have found "a small amount of what is believed to be meth."
Kimo, who famously lost to Royce Gracie in UFC 3, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and is still in police custody. Cops say there will also be an investigation into where the 41-year-old got his hands on the LBPD gear.

Kimo Leopoldo Wants to Come to Your High School and Talk About Drugs (Only Not the Way You Think)

(Kimo is upset about your 2.7 GPA, but only because he knows you could do better if you would just apply yourself.)

Kimo Leopoldo’s campaign/publicity stunt to become executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission continues this week, as a press release sent out on his behalf accuses the CSAC of widespread corruption and cover-ups, claiming, "Somebody or some group apparently is trying to hide the degree of corruption in CSAC," in part because former executive director Armando Garcia "was allegedly caught with $350,000 (in cash) in his locker, but he was allowed to resign instead of being prosecuted."

Leopoldo claims that once he’s in charge he’ll allow the staff to stay in their positions if they cooperate with an FBI investigation, and says, “temporary executive officer Dean Lohouis isn’t any different than Armando [Garcia]. The CSAC needs change and I’m willing to provide therapy.”

Get it?  “Kimo” therapy?  Like the excruciating treatment for cancer patients?  It’s a play on words.

The good news is Leopoldo would also like to bring his message of ‘I did steroids so you don’t have to’ to California high schools:


Seriously!? Kimo Leopoldo Applies to Be Executive Officer of the CSAC

(Nothing says professionalism like hauling a big wooden cross around.)

When I read this press release announcing that former steroid-user and general MMA punchline Kimo Leopoldo was applying to be Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission, I assumed that someone was jerking my chain, as the kids say.  But this application letter would have me believe that he is totally cereal:

Please accept this letter as the submission of my written qualifications for the application of the position of Executive Officer for the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). It is with great pleasure and humility I offer my qualifications as an advanced equivalent for the position of Executive Officer for all of the reasons detailed below. … As a 14 year veteran in the professional kickboxing and MMA industry, I believe I hold a
heightened degree of expertise in understanding and working with fighters, matchmakers, managers, promoters, various professional associations, members of the press, venue operators, attorneys, the general public, and the commission and other governmental regulators on an international and national level.
And since it is going to eventually come up in the process, I will address my use of Steroids in this application letter. Yes, I used Steroids in my past to help support my efforts as a professional athlete/fighter. However, my experiences whether negative or positive have given me greater insight into the crutches of life’s downfalls and my decisions today come from experiences. I will say that my choices and decision making ability are educated decisions and made from a position of informed consent, as opposed to blind guidance . I can be honest about my past and can look a fighter in the eye and tell him/her with great confidence that use of illicit substances is not worth the future health issues it creates nor is it worth the risk they are taking against their license.

Way to turn your past steroid use into an asset rather than a liability, Kimo.  Looks like someone has been reading those MSN articles about how to ace a job interview.


Get Some Perspective: Ken Shamrock’s Last Victory

(Props: MMA Scraps)

The year was 2004. Britney Spears was still skinny and childless. “Deadwood” had just premiered on HBO. Janet Jackson sparked controversy by showing the world her wonderful, glorious nipple during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. It was a different time, a simpler time.

It was also the last time Ken Shamrock’s hand was raised in MMA victory, after a TKO via knee 1:26 into round one against Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 48: Payback. On the same fight card, Frank Mir broke Tim Sylvia’s arm, and a little-known fighter by the name of Georges St. Pierre knocked out Jay Hieron on the undercard.

Now here we are, four years (and, for Shamrock, five straight losses) later, and “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” is preparing to headline a fight on CBS against Kimbo Slice, a former backyard brawler now trained by Bas Rutten. If that’s possible, just imagine where we’ll be four years from now. The world is indeed a strange and inscrutable place.