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Technique Video of the Day: Sub Me? SUB YOU!

VidProps: JoslinEnt/YouTube

We asked yesterday if the Potato Nation was interested in seeing more technique videos, and the answer via Facebook was a resounding affirmative. Which is good, because we were going to start sharing these anyway, because we were interested ourselves. Also because it’s easy to post videos and let you entertain yourselves, sort of like buying your kid a game console so you don’t have to talk to them so much.

What? We’re great parents. Except Ben; his kid always tries to interrupt when we’re taping The Bum Rush. (True story.)

Anyway, we had one fan who’s a CIA agent, and he requested some stuff from catch wrestling. Since we happen to enjoy the homegrown American flavor of submission grappling (and we don’t want to be erased by the government), we are happy to oblige with this video from catch wrestling icon Erik Paulson. Check out his counter to the chicken wing from guard (AKA kimura attack from guard), and try it on your small child tonight. Just don’t break anything. And don’t mention our names when Child Services shows up.