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Technique Video of the Day: The Kimura Sweep

Ultimate Fight Night 25 provided us with a good deal of highlights this past weekend, but while you were watching Jake Shields trying to single leg Kevin Mulhall or Alan Belcher beat the tar out of Jason Macdonald, you may have overlooked the textbook kimura sweep that Lance Benoist pulled on Matt Riddle in the first round of their Fight of the Night earning scrap. Personally, it was my favorite highlight of the fight, and I loves me some broken noses.


Technical Submission Video of the Day: Kimura’s a Bitch

VidProps: dwn4lf/YouTube
Member of the Potato Nation Bryce M. sent us this video of competition at BreakThroughMMA down in Daytona Beach, Florida, where two guys with long, slim builds fight over ownership of an arm. The guy in the black vale tudo shorts is Aaron “Avatar” Strawmier, who wishes to claim the arm from his opponent, Jonathan Riffle. Riffle hopes to maintain custodial custody of the arm in question.

If you interested in the whole fight (featuring commentary by Seth Petruzelli), you can watch it here, but this is the boiled-down essence of the fight. Strawmier wants Riffle to tap, Riffle does not want to tap. Strawmier encourages him strongly to tap, but Riffle does not. Strawmier increases the torque on Riffle’s arm, and Bob’s your uncle: Strawmier claims victory and ownership of Riffle’s appendage at the same time with a simple snap.

Actually, not so simple snap: Bryce reports that Riffle suffered a spiral fracture, which is never fun. Props to both guys for playing it cool after the injury. Hey Strawmier, have you sent your info in yet for the Proving Ground? There’s nothing like a Shinya Aoki-style highlight to put fear in your future opponents…